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Wallace science department receives grant PDF Print E-mail

The Wallace Science Department was given a literary boost this spring by a grant from the John Applegate Foundation. Ten Touch Kindles with green covers were provided by the grant. Science teacher, Mrs. Lisa Jameson said the Kindles will help improve science literacy and vocabulary.
“I wanted to show students that non-fiction science reading can be interesting and reader-friendly,” she said.
The Wallace School purchased four non-fiction science books for the Kindles: The Body Farm, Napoleon’s Buttons, Parasite Rex, and The Disappearing Spoon.
The anatomy class read The Body Farm and the chemistry class read a chosen chapter from Napoleon’s Button. The anatomy class read and discussed chapters and talked about anatomy information. In chemistry class each student picked a chapter out of the book to read and summarize.
The students were pleasantly surprised about the books chosen. One student commented, “I didn’t think that a science book could be that interesting.” Another comment was, “I was surprised at the detail of the book and how well I understood the terminology.”
Mrs. Jameson plans to use the Kindles every year. Next year, the biology class will get involved with reading Parasite Rex. The chemistry class will start the year with The Disappearing Spoon. She also plans to add other books to the reading list as the year progresses.
Mrs. Jameson appreciates the John Applegate Foundation for their continuing support of area students and schools.