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Ogallala broadcasters go worldwide with show PDF Print E-mail

“We create a show that is informative and fun,” that is the motto or catch phrase Ogallala, broadcasters Ryan Baker and Rachel Ervin have adopted over the last few weeks with their new show called @ (at) Random with Ryan and Rachel. @ Random started broadcasting just nine weeks ago in a home office focusing on western Nebraska and just having fun, but the statistics proved that a state-wide or national focus should be on the agenda.
In the last nine weeks @ Random has been listened to in all 50 U.S. States and four countries. In the comings weeks @ Random will be adding video to their broadcast, giving viewers a behind the scene look at what happens during the show.
Co-host Ryan Baker said, “This is an exciting time for both Rachel and I, not only do we get to share our passion but we feel this will open new doors that our audience will enjoy.” He also joked about being on video, “This will give our viewers a chance to see why we’ve been heard and not seen.”
Just a side note, whenever Ryan says that, Rachel gives him an evil look.
Ryan’s voice may be familiar to some. Ryan has been heard on some area radio stations and in Lincoln and Omaha. Ryan most recently worked for Legendary News Talk Station WBAP in Dallas, Texas where he shared the microphone with familiar names like Mark Davis, who fills in for Rush Limbaugh from time to time.
While in Dallas, Ryan hosted a two hour weekend morning talk show and also anchored sports. Ryan said, “This was one of the best experiences in my life. I remember the first day on the air in Dallas, my producer looked at me just before I opened the mic and said, ‘remember there’s 5 million people listening.’ Talk about stumbling over my words, what a train wreck, I sounded like a rookie again, but it was fun, at least some people got a laugh that day, I sure did after I listened to my air-check.”
Ryan’s co-host Rachel Ervin has been a long time friend for many years. Rachel never thought about broadcasting but after a make-shift interview between Ryan and Rachel to promote her book, she was hooked. Shortly after the interview Rachel posted on her Facebook,  “I think broadcasting is for me.”
Rachel is a Nebraska independent/self published author and writes under the pen name Krista Kedrick. Her first book titled  “Under a Prairie Moon” has been a success and she has just finished her second book titled “Family Ties.”
Family Ties was released on May 18 and will be available in paperback and as an eBook. Rachel’s creative mind has made @ Random a success as well.
Ryan said about his co-host, “Her creative imagination and wit have made the show so much fun.” Ryan also said, “Over my radio career I’ve been looking for that on air chemistry and I finally found it. Rachel and I grew up together and we know each other very well, it’s almost like she can read my mind sometimes, which is scary in itself.”
@ Random can currently be heard every Sunday on at 3 p.m. MT or 4 p.m. CT. Offering the show Monday through Friday has also been on the mind of the hosts.
For more information please contact Ryan or Rachel by sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .