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Local youth become Young Eagles PDF Print E-mail

Eleven local youth became Young Eagles of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) at the Grant Airport on Saturday, June 23. EAA Chapter 562 of southwest Nebraska conducted the Young Eagles Day event.
The youth received an orientation of basic forces of flight—weight, life, thrust and drag forces of the airplane. Operation of controls and instruments were demonstrated by an EAA pilot that then took the youth for a 20-minute flight over the local area.
The youth then received a certificate of flight signed by National Young Eagle Chainman Captain Sullenberger of the 2009 Hudson River airliner forced landing.
The youth’s names are entered in the world’s largest log book at Oshkosh, Wis.
Youths attending were Haden Schrotberger, Nathan Kemling, Cameron McClintock, Aiden McClintock, Evan Sestak, Tristan Hite, Hayden Foster, Jarin Tines, Ian Sihm, Madelyn Ingold and Casey Uehling.
EAA pilots were Warren Bishop of North Platte flying an RV-6; Ron Kumor of Casper, Wyo. flying a Tri-Tail Bellanca; and Robert Bounds of Grant, flying a Cessna 152.
In the Young Eagles program, 1.6 million youth have flown nationally, with 2100 of those flown by Chapter 562 since 1992.
The program was kicked off locally at Kumor Airfield in Grant  in October of 1992.