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Game and Parks offers tips for hunters accessing private property PDF Print E-mail

Every hunter is responsible for obtaining landowner permission when accessing private ground. In doing so, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission offers the following suggestions:
• Plan ahead. Do not approach a landowner on opening day of the season, especially as a group of hunters. Pick a time when the landowner is not busy, and then make contact. Tell the landowner about yourself and your hunting partners before asking for permission.
• Communicate with the landowner. Ask him about his wishes on bag limits, game to be hunted, and hunting and livestock locations. Ask if there will be other hunters on the property. Contact the landowner a few days before your hunt as a courtesy reminder.
• Respect the landowner and his property. Know the property borders, leave gates as you found them and pick up trash. Do not drive or park where you do not have permission to do so. Report broken fences and gates, signs of trespassing and sick or injured livestock.
• Follow up. Thanking the landowner at an appropriate time goes a long way toward an invitation to hunt on that property again. Consider sharing your harvest with the landowner.