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What are you learning?

By Pastor Linda Battello
United Methodist Church, Madrid, Elsie

School has begun. Teachers have a plan and students are expected to learn certain things in various subjects. These organized and structured learning experiences have ways to assess how much of the material was learned and understood.
Life learnings are a bit different. We learn how to live in a family, how to eat, how to be polite and kind, and how to relate to others who are not family members. We learn emotionally and intellectually about ourselves and others and how to live together in society. We learn by example, in books, by news reports, by observation and by experiencing life events.     
Did you ever wonder what God would have us learn in all this? The first thing we need to learn is God.
We begin before we even know there is God. We learn that the universe is bigger than we imagined, that certain laws govern how the universe operates and that we are part of the web of life on a particular planet.
When we learn God, we see that all this is a product of God’s design and plan. We learn God by looking at the life of God’s son, Jesus Christ, and come to understand how all this is related through God’s grace given to us by the Holy Spirit.
We also come to know that we can only learn God when we experience God’s presence
and when this experience leads us to understand what we know in relationship to God.
When we experience this, we learn that God wants us to live life in this relationship, to make God our primary focus of love and to accept God’s love in our lives. Then we are to share God’s love with others, following the example of Jesus Christ.
So, what has God taught you? What else does God want you to learn?
Shalom, Rev. Linda