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Our trees need a drink! PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
I think most would agree that the trees planted along Grant’s main street are an asset to the downtown area.
But with virtually no rain in the last two months, they’ve got to be suffering.
Unfortunately, we may lose a few. We may not know the full extent of the damage until next spring.
Due to the limited access to water on main street, keeping the trees hydrated is challenging.
A fairly simple way to give them an extra drink is to use a five gallon bucket with a small hole drilled in the bottom.
Set the bucket next to the tree, and fill the bucket with water repeatedly, and it will slowly soak into the root area.
Okay, it’s a little work, but if we can save most of the healthiest trees, it’s worth the effort.
Give them a good soaking, I don’t think we need to be worried about overwatering at this point.
If anyone needs to borrow a five gallon bucket, hole included, there is one available at the Tribune-Sentinel office.                                              
Shari Friedel
Grant Tree Board Member