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Lady Cats show improvement in second week PDF Print E-mail

By Christy Sheets
Sports Writer
Last Week’s Statistics
As promised, here are the statistics from the Wauneta-Palisade game. (Recall the statistics were unavailable last week due to technical difficulties.)
Leading the Cats defensively against the Broncos were sophomore Christina Daniels with 11 kills and three blocks, followed by senior Chelsea Sowle with five kills and six blocks. Freshman Abbey Rohde had four kills, senior Katelyn Melton had three kills, and senior Rachel Marquardt and junior Sara Hubbard each had one kill. Leading the Cats with set-assists were senior Anna Griffiths and junior Alex Lundvall each with eight, Marquardt with three, Hubbard with two, and Daniels with one.
Offensively, Rohde (three aces) led the Cats scoring 12 points, followed by Sowle who scored seven points (two aces). Griffiths (two aces) had five points, Sheets had four points, and Lundvall (one ace) had two points.
Perkins Co. Triangular
Wallace vs. Hitchcock Co.

The Wallace Wildcats competed in the Perkins County Triangular in Grant on Tuesday, Sept. 4. The Cats’ first opponent was the Falcons of Hitchcock County. The Cats struggled, and lost their first match of the night in straight sets 9-25, 13-25.
In the first set the Wildcats struggled with nerves, and seemed to be lacking in communication. The Falcons took the early lead, and took advantage of the Cats’ struggle. The Falcons won the first set 9 to 25.
The Wildcats started the set stronger, but the Falcons regained control. The Wildcats made some good plays, but really seemed to struggle to build any momentum, and unfortunately the Falcons won the second set 13 to 25.
Leading the team offensively against Hitchcock County were Lundvall (one ace) and Sheets each with three points, followed closely by Rohde (two aces) with two points. Leading the team with set assists were Lundvall and Hubbard each with three, Griffiths with two, and Melton and sophomore Morgan Messersmith each with one.
Defensively, Melton led the team with five kills, followed by Daniels with one kill and two blocks. Rohde had two kills and one block, and Sowle and Hubbard had one.
Wallace vs. Perkins Co.
The Lady Cats then had to face the hard-hitting Perkins County Plainsmen. The Wildcats played their best match of the season, and defeated the Plainsmen 11-25, 25-21, and 25-19.
The Lady Cats struggled a bit in the first set, falling behind the Plainsmen early. With some words from the bench after a crucial timeout, the Cats began to build some momentum. Unfortunately, the Plainsmen took the first set 11 to 25.
In the second set the Wildcats seemed energized, never really letting Perkins County build any momentum. The Wildcats battled hard and won the second set 25 to 21.
In the third, the Plainsmen rallied back, forcing the Cats to take a timeout to settle down. After the timeout the Lady Cats seemed to build momentum as the Plainsmen struggled to return the ball. The Lady Cats rallied to finish off the set and match 25 to 19.
When asked about the match, Coach Strand said, “We are improving, and I was happy with how we played against Perkins County.
Leading the team offensively against Perkins County was Sheets with eight points (one ace), followed by Griffiths with six points. Rohde had five points (two aces), Lundvall (two aces) and Daniels each had four points, and Sowle had three points. Leading the team with set assists was Griffiths with 12, followed by Lundvall with five, Hubbard with four, Marquardt with three, and Sheets with one.
Defensively, Daniels led the team with eight kills and two blocks, followed closely by Sowle with five kills and two blocks. Rohde had six kills, Melton had four kills and two blocks, and Marquardt had one kill.

Wallace vs. Paxton
It was a real battle for the Lady Cats in their first home game. The Wildcats played host to their rivals the Paxton Tigers on Friday, Sept. 7. The Tigers are always tough, but the Lady Cats rose to the challenge. Unfortunately, after a well-fought battle the Lady Cats fell just short. The Tigers defeated the Lady Cats in four sets 25-17, 18-25, 23-25, and 10-25.
In the first set the Lady Cats started the match with unbridled determination. Their passing and communication were the best they have had all season. Everyone worked together to gain momentum, and frustrate the Tigers. The Wildcats won the first set 25 to 17.
In the second set, the Tigers struck first. The Tigers took the early lead, but the Cats started to build some momentum. They refused to let the Tigers simply take over, and they battled hard to stay in the set. Unfortunately the Tigers lead was too great, and they were able to close the set, 18 to 25.
The third set was a bit of a repeat of the second, the Tigers came roaring in, forcing the Wildcats to claw their way through. The Lady Cats worked hard to try to build momentum, but the Tigers were relentless. It was a close set, but the Cats couldn’t ever take the lead. The Tigers won a close third set 23 to 25.
In the fourth set, the Tigers struck first, and the Cats seemed a bit deflated after rallying back, and then just barely losing the third set. Emotions and frustration plagued the Lady Cats, who just couldn’t find an answer. The Tigers were able to close the set and the match, 10 to 25.
The young Wildcat team showed a lot of talent and promise, and really had their opponent on the ropes throughout most of the match. When asked about the match, Coach Strand said, “ We are steadily getting better. We had a great practice on Wednesday, and our passing game really improved tonight. The girls are really starting to gel better as a team.”
Leading the cats defensively Friday night was Daniels with 12 kills and two blocks, followed closely by Sowle with nine kills and three blocks, and Melton with 10 kills. Rohde had six kills, and Hubbard had one kill and one block. Leading the Cats with set-assists were Griffiths and Lundvall each with13, followed by Hubbard and Daniels with three, Marquardt with two, and Melton, Sowle, Sheets, and Messersmith each with one.
Offensively, Rohde (two aces) led the Cats scoring 10 points. Griffiths had six points, Sowle (one ace) and Sheets each had five points, Lundvall had four points, and Daniels had three points.
Next Action
The Lady Cats will travel to Hayes Center to play in their varsity and junior varsity triangular on Tuesday, Sept.11. The Cats will face Hayes Center and Dundy County.