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MPCC to offer online Spanish course PDF Print E-mail

Mid-Plains Community College will offer an online Spanish class beginning Monday, Sept. 24.
Jack Ramos-Needham will be the instructor for the 12-week Beginning Spanish course. Students will then have the opportunity to take Beginning Spanish II online in the spring semester.
According to Ramos-Needham, students who take the course will be required to have a microphone so they can record sound files for him to listen to and grade. They will begin with the Spanish alphabet (30 letters) and will move on to reading lessons from their “Easy Spanish Reader” textbook.
The course will cover understanding and using Spanish verb conjugation and grammar. Throughout the course, students will also access online Spanish sound files and listen and practice for pronunciation; record Spanish files, stories, paragraphs, alphabet, and assignments for grading; learn how to use verb and grammar files correctly utilizing their Spanish lessons; use online verb and grammar lessons to help them complete their graded assignments; use ‘YouTube’ lessons to enhance learning of Spanish language and grammar; and use PowerPoint presentations when they are included in their verb and grammar units.
For more information, please contact Ramos-Needham at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .