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The powers that be don’t care

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

The Plainsmen pulled off a good win on the road last Friday with their 14-7 win over Hershey.  I thought the game looked like a typical early season game, but there were some pretty outstanding efforts made by a number of the Plainsmen to insure the win.  
It was game where I had the feeling that Perkins County had pretty good control of things, but yet couldn’t feel real comfortable about the outcome.  
The Hershey kids kept playing and like a lot of sporting events, one or two plays can turn the game around and “Old Mo” can switch. Then what looked like a game in which you had control turns into a “Keep that clock running and let’s get out of here.” That is kind of what happened with about five minutes left in the contest.  
Perkins County threw an interception, the clock stopped, the Panthers throw a fairly lengthy pass and low and behold they complete it at the two and then score on the short run.  14-7 doesn’t look all that good even though the Plainsmen Defense had kept the Panthers out of the end zone for almost three and a half quarters.  Momentum had swung.  But in the end, the Plainsmen’s defense made it difficult for Hershey and the Panthers didn’t get close to the end zone.  A good road win and it sets up a tough contest with Cambridge next week at Haenfler Field.  
It is difficult this year to come home and look through the scores, if you can find them anywhere, and from habit I always check SPVA schools to see how they are doing. This week I realized no need to check because we just played our first and last SPVA school for this season.  
I don’t envy the NSAA trying to do schedules for all the high schools that play football in Nebraska.  It has to be a daunting task. Especially when you start trying to work  out-of-state- schools into the mix.
I kind of favor the system when the NSAA gave you the district teams and the dates you played and then you were responsible for getting the rest of your schedule. It seemed to work well for us, but I also know that some schools in the eastern part of the state that were outstanding teams started having trouble filling a schedule because they were tried of getting beat 60 to a fumble.  
If that had been some schools out West I would be willing to bet that the “Cry” would have gone unnoticed. But if Pius or Prep or any Class A school couldn’t fill a schedule that was a different story.  I don’t want to start an East-West battle, I am just stating an opinion.  I could be wrong, but I doubt it.
So as you check the Plainsmen schedule you don’t see SPVA schools, but Maxwell and Sutherland play eight-man, so that is two teams that are off the list. That would only leave NPSP, Chase County and Hershey. So we play a third of the SPVA schools.
Chase County is C1 and they are in the West district.  They get to travel to play Chadron, Gordon-Rushville and any other C1 school up there.  
Even though the NSAA makes the schedules, each school gives the NSAA a list of schools outside of their district that they would like to play.  I understand that Chase County was high on our list and we were high on their list, maybe even the very first school listed, but the arrangement wasn’t made.  The schools are 28 miles apart and had played for 80 plus years.  I even heard a rumor that the NSAA didn’t realize that we had been playing each other that many years.  
I am sure that many things that we don’t think about come into the schedule making process, but even then I cannot understand how that happens.
Times change, situations change. Some of us just get old and crabby! Maybe that is what happened this past week.  I saw a sign and realized not only was I getting crabby but apparently I am getting old also.  I may be getting old, but I don’t have to completely grow up.  I’ve got that going for me now!
See you at the games!