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PC nails big win

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

How do you look at the “game” the Huskers had this past weekend? I know that scheduling takes place a few years ahead sometimes, but which team thought this was a good idea? Idaho State may have won if we just consider “ideas”, because they at least took home $600,000 they didn’t have on Friday and that probably will finance their entire athletic program.
The Huskers might have improved more if they would have just had a scrimmage. That is two “Pro Scrimmage Teams” because it would appear that Arkansas State was better at negotiations because they pocketed a cool million for their trip to Lincoln.
I am just going to go out on a limb a little and predict the Big 10 schedule will be tougher, even though right now the league appears to be struggling some to win some of the non-conference games.
It was good to see Rex Burkhead back and running pretty well and it is easier to see in contests like this one if people are getting well more than anything.
Idaho State was outsized, out quicked, and made themselves pretty much one-dimensional when they just said, “We don’t try to run the ball, we would like to throw it 80 times or so.”
Hopefully the Big Red didn’t sustain any major injuries and they will be ready to open Big 10 play next week.
Plainsmen Get Their Fourth Victory
The Plainsmen moved to 4-0 last Friday night with a pretty decisive win over an opponent that has caused Perkins County some misery over the years.
Cambridge hasn’t been on the schedule on an every year basis, but the years that they have been, they have won most of the time. This year Perkins County jumped on the Trojans right from the start and the contest was never in doubt.
I don’t usually pick out players by name, because when I was coaching I knew that all my players could read and I didn’t want them reading some goofy guy’s ideas in the paper and get to thinking they were All-World, All-State or even All-City.
So right now, any athlete mentioned is not All-Anything except having some success. Anyone who writes for the paper is not automatically “goofy” and I would like that to include this “partly” goofy guy doing this column. The last part is optional for anyone reading this.
Elliot Carlson had another good effort in the victory. His speed, quickness, and being just plain tough on tacklers makes him extremely difficult to stop, plus he can step up defensively and put a hit on people.
As Alex Johnston  gets healthier he is going to provide another option to the offense and that in turn will cause defensives a headache.
Another Plainsmen that does a good job is Austin Thelander. I would not go as far to say that Thelander is a “Shut Down” corner, but in the three games that I have seen I would say he is a “Cut Down” corner. Because he has made a number of tackles on backs that have or are trying to turn the corner to go “Up” field and have been “Cut Down” with a great stop by the defensive back.
I know that one of Thelander’s tackles against Hershey probably saved a touchdown in a close football game. So the key is to keep improving and finish strong and don’t pay to much attention to “goofy” or “partly goofy” column writers.