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Make raking leaves easier PDF Print E-mail

Raking leaves is an annual event for people in many parts of the country. Some people enjoy getting out in the crisp, autumn air and spending a day cleaning up the yard. Others do not relish the idea of hours upon hours of leaf removal from their lawns. Making the process easier and more enjoyable benefits all involved.
• Turn on music while raking. Sing along to the tunes or move with the beat, and it just may take your mind off of the task at hand.
• Be sure to rake downwind; otherwise every pile of leaves collected may end up blowing around and creating more work.
• Rake leaves in groups. Enlist the help of all family members so that it will take much less time. Plus, everyone gets to spend time working together. Talking and joking around will certainly pass the time more quickly.
• Host a leaf-raking party with friends and family members. Tie it into a day when there is a football game on television, or toss around the old pigskin after the job is done.
• Create family-centered games while raking. Have contests to see who can rake the largest pile in the shortest amount of time. Take breaks so that everyone can enjoy jumping in a giant leaf pile or horsing around.
•   There are some leaf blowers that can vacuum up leaves and mulch them at the same time. Put a portion of this leaf mulch into a compost pile or in your garden beds.