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Red Hatters visit Wray PDF Print E-mail

Ten ladies from the Scarlet Chapeau traveled to Wray, Colo. where they enjoyed a delicious luncheon at the 4th Main St. Grill and catching up on the activities of one of their members who had serious back surgery and all the other main events in their lives.  
From the grill they traveled to the Wray Museum where they were treated to a private tour by the museum director. As they entered the museum they were greeted by a sculpture  crafted by Lance Bohall of a bison which gives the viewer a sense of the size of the bison hunted by the Paleo Indians 10,000 years ago.  
The museum also houses a permanent Smithsonian Exhibit featuring the Jones-Miller site and includes part of the actual bone bed.  The dig was excavated in 1974 and took three years to complete.  
The trophy room, which is  a favorite of school children, is from a local farmer who hunted and fished around the world during the winter months when he was not farming. He accumulated many wonderful trophies which were donated to the museum–bears, a wolf, leopard, cheetah, lions, Dall sheep, eland, gazelle and also a bird collection.  
There are many items to visit, “Battle of Beecher Island,” “Shady Rest Store,” “William B. Coston Photo Exhibit” and a beautiful 1861 Steinway Square Grand Piano in rosewood finish.  
Coming up are the Sandhill Dancers as they dance their mating dance called the Greater Prairie Chicken Viewing Tours every spring.  See these awesome birds, watch them do their mating dance and hear their distinctive “booming” sounds. So much history just an hour and a half away.  
Beverly Williams was the hostess for this month and the next meeting will be in October.
Submitted by
Wanda Hajek