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State’s students excel PDF Print E-mail

By Dave Heineman
Governor of Nebraska
The State of Nebraska conducts statewide reading, math, science and writing assessments so that parents, citizens, school boards, superintendents, principals, teachers and elected officials can compare results from one district to another.
This data can be very helpful in improving both student and school academic achievement performance.
In the spring of every year, students are tested in grades 3-8 and 11. I would like to congratulate our schools that have excelled academically and the focus of this column is high school academic performance.
For purposes of this comparison, I am reporting school district scores by their sports classification. This column is about C-1, C-2 and smaller school district scores for reading, math, science and writing. Next week’s column will be about Class A and B school districts.
The top scores are as follows:
C-1: Arlington, Falls City, Ft. Calhoun, Chase Co., Boone Central.
C-2: Crofton, Conestoga, Tekamah-Herman, Malcolm, Battle Creek.
Smaller Schools: Heartland Community, Leyton, Creighton, Hartington.
C-1: Arlington, Chadron, St. Paul, Gordon-Rushville, Chase Co.
C-2: Crofton, Oakland-Craig, Humboldt-Table Rock, Perkins Co., Wakefield
Smaller Schools: Bloomfield, Chambers, Wausa, Silver Creek.
C-1: Douglas Co. West, Columbus Lakeview, Auburn, Milford, Arlington.
C-2: Tekamah-Herman, Homer, Twin River Elmwood-Murdock, Wisner-Pilger
Smaller Schools: Chambers, Freeman, Bloomfield**, Leyton**
C-1: Arlington, Raymond Central, Chadron, Chase Co., Auburn.
C-2: Crofton, Elmwood-Murdock, West Holt, Cambridge, Malcolm
Smaller Schools: Bertrand*, High Plains Community*, Leyton*, Stuart*
* tied for first,     ** tied for second)
Among Class C-1 schools, I want to especially recognize Arlington for being first in reading, math and science. They were fifth in writing. Chase County was fourth in reading and science, and fifth in math.
Among Class C-2 schools, I want to recognize Crofton for being first in reading, math and science.
We now have three years of reading data and I want to note that among C-1 schools, Chadron, Chase Co., Fairbury, Falls City, Ft. Calhoun, Milford, Ogallala and O’Neill have improved their scores every year.
In Class C-2, the following schools have improved their reading scores ever year: Battle Creek, Conestoga, Crofton, Perkins County, Southern Valley, Superior and Tekamah-Herman.
Among smaller schools, Alma, Axtell, Creighton, Elm Creek, Emerson-Hubbard, Loup City, Palmer, Shelby, Southwest and Winside have all improved their reading scores every year.
Data for smaller schools is only being reported for schools with three years of reading scores. Additionally, federal law does not allow education data to be reported publicly if a high school class has 10 or less students.
You can review all of the reading, math, science and writing data for Class C-1, C-2 and smaller schools at my website, by clicking on the icon “columns.”