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“Treasure America’s freedom,” says upcoming senior center speaker PDF Print E-mail

Nov. 1 senior center in Grant at noon. Call ahead to reserve lunch.
Nationally known speaker and president of South Dakota Eagle Forum Kitty Werthmann will speak at the Perkins County Senior Center in Grant, Nov. 1 at noon. Those wishing to eat lunch need to RSVP at 352-4236.
Kitty, who was born in Austria and lived under Hitler’s rule for seven years, is now 86 years old.
Hearing first-hand of someone’s experiences under Hitler’s rule is a rare opportunity.
When Kitty was 12 years old and in the sixth grade, her world changed. “Dictatorship did not happen overnight,” Kitty says. “In 1938, Austria was in a deep recession. One-third of our workforce was unemployed. There was 25 percent inflation and interest on loans was 25 percent. Our farmers were going bankrupt.”
When Hitler assumed power in Austria there was great hope that the change would solve Austria’s problems but, “We lost our freedoms. We were absolutely tricked,” Werthmann says. “We didn’t even know about the Holocaust until after the war was over because we were kept in the dark.”
Werthmann had the good fortune of moving to America in 1950, becoming a naturalized citizen and experiencing true freedom. She has devoted her life to traveling this great land in an effort to remind her fellow Americans how fragile freedom is.
Knowing first-hand the terrible price a nation pays when the people fail to keep a vigilant watch over their liberties,  Kitty reminds listeners that each American has a responsibility to be ever watchful for any attempts to erode those freedoms.
A freewill offering will be taken.