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After all, it’s just a game

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

Part of athletic competition is “Doing your best,” and you don’t want to walk off a field, court, or track and feel that you didn’t do just that, your best. Competition is that, but it is more than that also. You win with class and you lose with class. Sometimes the things just don’t work out like you hope they would.
The Plainsmen football team had that type of situation happen to them in the first round of the 2012 playoffs. A team that they had defeated earlier in the season comes back to defeat them in the playoffs. It is a hard pill to swallow.
For most seniors, it is the last competitive football game they will ever play. There is that finality about it for the seniors. That time is the last time that group will ever be together in a competitive situation.
For the coaching staff there is that moment when everything just kind of stops. No more practices to plan, scouting reports to look at or films to be shown. All the rush to get ready for the next game just ends with the final buzzer and it is an empty feeling, to say the least.
Sometimes as a coach, you are kind of glad when the season ends, but in the playoffs, you want to play until the end.
Life is the same way. You work hard, but sometimes things just don’t work out. Success is never a given and along the way a little “Luck” is always appreciated. The ball and life sometimes takes funny bounces. Today it is likely that coaches, players, and fans are feeling down, to say the least.
I heard someone say it was “tragic” that the loss came when it did. I can tell you that no loss in athletics is “tragic.” A kid with cancer is tragic, this was just a game.
Down the road the thing that will be remembered by most people is that the 2012 Perkins County Plainsmen football team was 7 and 2 and made it to the playoffs. That is an accomplishment that should not be lost now or years from now.
Good season, players and coaches!
Professional Basketball About to Start:
I have stated before that I am not a great fan of professional basketball but I do like some of the characters who play it or who have played in the past. Charles Barkley is one of those guys. I like to listen to him on the pre-game shows even when he turns into a “windbag” of sorts and says some really goofy things.
I guess I think about what he and I have in common. He is from the South and I am from Southern Kansas, He is taller and weighs more, I am shorter and weigh slightly less. He is black, I am white. He can dunk, I can’t. He played professional basketball, I didn’t. He can afford to lose millions gambling, I can’t. He has a weekly television show during basketball season, I watch the show. He likes basketball, I like basketball.
It would appear that we only have things in common in my dreams.
Barkley was asked who he thought would be winners in the season ahead and he went through the teams he thought had chances to do so.
The Lakers, who got Steve Nash and Dwight Howard during the off season to go along with Kobe and the Celtics, Spurs, and the Heat. He then made the comment that the Lakers and the Celtics were good teams, but they had old players on them and that Father Time is undefeated.
Kobe and Nash have many miles on them as do some of the Celtics. They could break down at anytime. This year there was no lockout and this will help the older teams because there will be more days in between games and that will give the older players more time to recover. I think he is correct.
Kolby is hurt at the present time and is going to miss the rest of the preseason and the Lakers have not won any pre-season games as of this writing. Of course pre-season games don’t count as you know but you sometimes worry a little when the play is pretty ragged. Jeremy Lin who was last year’s hero is shooting 20 percent from the field for the pre-season.
Wrestling and basketball are just around the corner and it is always warm inside. That is why I ended up coaching basketball. Never once did we scoop snow off the court! I am a genius at times.