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Numerous birders in Perkins County are observing unusual bird migration this fall.
One birder saw and identified an American bittern in northern Perkins County. Bitterns migrate to Mexico and Florida from summer range in Canada and the northern states.
In Grant, 14 young cedar waxwings but no adults stayed in a yard and the park for three days. Identification of young in fall plumage is not easy for the average birder.
Flocks of 10-20 robins have been seen all over Nebraska this fall. Some robins stay all winter unless the snow stays too long. They need water each day and mostly eat worms and berries. This year many young robins are small and do not have all their fall plumage.
Red breasted nuthatches nest in Canada and winter in this area. They are shy and are seldom seen climbing up and down tree trunks. They hide sunflower seeds and eat them all winter.
A rare Clark’s nutcracker was seen Oct. 1 and Oct. 3 in a private yard and in the Grant park. This is a bird of the high mountains probably driven here by fires and drought. Discovered first by Lewis and Clark, hence its name. It is a 12 inch long gray, black and white bird.
Please report any rare birds to 308-352-4228 and they will be reported.
Source: Birds 91 by
Anna McDiffledorf