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Four candidates vie for two Venango Village Board seats PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Four new candidates have filed for a seat on Venango Village Board—only two will be elected.    
The race for becoming a new board member will be decided with the general election on Nov. 6.
Vying for a seat are John Bleavins, Nate Dodson, Troy Grothman and David Osborne.         Incumbents Donald Hahlweg and Darrell Patten chose not to file for re-election.
The new candidates have answered some questions to help voters get familiar with them prior to election day:     
1. Why are you interested in serving on Venango Village Board?
John Bleavins: Community service.
Nate Dodson: Not available.
Troy Grothman: It’s my way of helping the community.
David Osborne: I think everyone should take an opportunity, at least once, to serve on the board of their town.  I feel, with the rotation of people comes new fresh ideas on how to continue to make improvements to the community.
2. When did you become interested?
John Bleavins: After getting to know many of my neighbors.
Nate Dodson: Not available.
Troy Grothman: I first became interested about five years ago, and have been running ever since.
David Osborne: After hearing that a couple of the board members turned in their resignations, I felt the timing was right to participate and get involved.
3. What background or qualifications do you have that you feel makes you a good candidate to be a board  member?
John Bleavins: I’ve spent my entire career in management.
Nate Dodson: Not available.
Troy Grothman: I grew up in Venango, and just want to do what I think is best for the community.
David Osborne: Since I have been a business owner for myself, I have the experience it takes to work well with the public in a team-like manner.
4. What do you think you can contribute as a board member?
John Bleavins: An open mind and fair assessment.
Nate Dodson:  Not available.
Troy Grothman: I feel I can bring common sense to add to what is already there.
David Osborne: The enthusiasm to challenge any issues that may arise and the vision to make improvements that are acceptable to the majority.
5. What important or immediate goals will you address?
John Bleavins: I would urge more Venango residents to become involved in the community meetings.
Nate Dodson: Not available.
Troy Grothman: I would not come onto the board with any and will look at each issue on its own merits.
David Osborne: I would like to maintain a safe environment for the all residents, while adding vibrancy to the town.
6. Are there other issues you wish to share?
John Bleavins: No.
Nate Dodson: Not available.
Troy Grothman: I would just like to say I would love to further serve my community, and if given the opportunity I would do so to the best of my ability.
David Osborne: I hope, if elected, that I can continue the fight to keep the Village of Venango a quaint little town.
7. What is your current occupation and how long have you been there?
John Bleavins: I manage the aerial division of Aurora Co-op. I started with them in April 2012.
Nate Dodson: Not available.
Troy Grothman: I farm, and have been doing that in the Venango community since about 1997.
David Osborne: I am currently in the transportation industry.  However, my employment portfolio holds a multitude of skills that includes construction and business management.
8. Personal: Wife/children:
John Bleavins: I have been married 12 years to my wonderful wife, Lori, who is postmaster in Venango. We have six children, five of them grown, and one at home, Haven who is 10, and two grandchildren.
Nate Dodson: Not available.
Troy Grothman: I am married to Wendy Grothman. I have three non-biological children. Brendon and Dalton Cline both attend the University of Wyoming as engineering students, Dalton a freshman and Brendon a junior. My daughter Tondarae Loeffler lives and works in Imperial. I also have two biological sons, Rob and Bryce Grothman, who attend Perkins County Middle School.
David Osborne: I enjoy spending time with my wife, Brenda Osborne, doing our outdoor activities.  I also have a huge interest in restoring/constructing items back to their originality.