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One new, one incumbent to appear on Grant council ballot PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
In Grant, there are two open city council seats that will be filled during the Nov. 6 General Election.
Incumbent Tim Pofahl filed to retain his seat. Councilman Wayne Pick did not.
New candidate and Grant native Ben Long, who returned to the area a year ago, has entered the candidacy for city council.        This will be Pofahl’s second term, and even though neither candidate is being challenged, they have answered a few questions so residents can become familiar with them and the goals they have in mind for the future of Grant.
The other members of council include Mayor Mike Wyatt and councilmen Bob Tatum and Kirk York.
A search is currently underway for a new city superintendent to replace Tyson McGreer who recently resigned to accept a position in Kansas.
1. Why are you interested in serving on Grant City Council?
Tim Pofahl: After serving four years, I feel that I can serve the patrons of Grant better. We have several ongoing projects at this time that I would like to see continue.      
Ben Long: I have lived in eight separate communities and wanted to find a way to give back to Grant, a place that I have always called home throughout my life. As a member of city council, I hope that I can accomplish this goal.
2. What background or qualifications do you have that you feel makes you a good candidate to be a council member?
Tim Pofahl: I have been involved in public organizations throughout my life. My employment has allowed me to serve the public, as well as make business decisions that affect the operations as well as the success of the business.
Ben Long: Throughout my educational career, I took several courses on community and regional planning. I hope to use the knowledge that I acquired in those courses, along with what I thought other communities did well and find ways to incorporate them into Grant.
3. What do you think you can contribute as a councilman?
Tim Pofahl: I tend to lean toward the conservative side of issues. I think this is important in keeping Grant moving forward. I have the ability to listen to people’s opinions and make decisions from their input. I cannot make decisions that please everyone, but I will make them to the best of my ability with the information and input that I have gathered.    
Ben Long:  I want to represent the interests of the age demographic I belong to while keeping with the traditions that I believe has made Grant great.
4. What important or immediate goals will you address?
Tim Pofahl:  The immediate goal is to choose our next administrator and make it a smooth transition. I think continuity among our council is important at this time.
Ben Long: Although I have been regularly attending council meetings since last March, in my first year I plan on becoming more aware of our city’s budget and issues that affect the community. I believe that previous council members have done an excellent job in addressing issues, and at this time I do not see any major issue that I am striving to address.      
5. Are there other issues you wish to share?
Tim Pofahl: We continue to look for ways to help develop our infrastructure as well as attract new businesses to town.      
Ben Long: None at this time.
6. What is your current occupation and how long have you been there?
Tim Pofahl:  Service manager at Holzfaster’s Equipment for 18 years.
Ben Long: I came back to Grant almost 15 months ago to help my brother, J.J. Long, on the family farm and help in selling seed with him. I helped him growing up through high school and thought that I would never be back to farm again. Even with a bad day on the farm, I have been thankful every day that I am back and doing something that I take great pride in.
7. Personal: Wife/children:
Tim Pofahl: Wife Connie is City Recreation Director, and secretary at Perkins County Sheriff’s Department. Children include, Tony, 29, Danielle, 27, Brittany, 21, and we have three grandchildren.    
Ben Long: My wife, Tiffany, and I have been married for almost nine years and we are expecting our first child early next year.