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Candidates and issues for Election 2012 PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Election is only a dozen days away. Races in and around Perkins County certainly aren’t as heated as things are getting on a national level, however, one of the villages has more candidates than seats.
On the other hand, one of the villages has three open seats and only one candidate.
Wallace Schools has four candidates for board members with only three seats to be filled.
One of the bigger issues in government is a proposition for the City of Grant to continue the economic development program—see related story in this issue.
Below is a recap of some of the candidates and issues voters face when they go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6. No matter what your candidate of choice, no matter what contentious race you’re interested in—the important thing is to get out and vote!
Presidential Ticket
Democratic President Barack Obama and V.P. Joseph Biden face off against Republican Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.
Also on the presidential ticket are Libertarian Gary Johnson and James Gray, and Randall Terry/Marjorie Smith by petition.
U. S. Senate
Republican Deb Fischer and Democrat Bob Kerrey go head to head for a six year term.
Congressional Ticket
Incumbent Republican Adrian Smith is vying for another two-year term as a District 3 representative in Congress against Democrat Mark Sullivan.
County Commissioner
District 1 County Commissioner Sid Colson is on the ballot uncontested for another four-year term as county commissioner.
City of Grant
Two seats are open on Grant City Council. Two candidates have filed for the position for a four-year term. They include incumbent Tim Pofahl and newcomer Benjamin Long.
Village of Elsie
Three candidates have filed for three open seats, including Colby Cook, Justin Hutcheson and Zach Geisselmann.
Village of Madrid
Only one candidate has filed for three open seats on the Madrid Village Board of Trustees. Only Albert Proctor will appear on the ballot.
Venango Village Board
Two will be elected from a field of four candidates who have filed to serve on the Venango board of trustees, including David Osborne, Nathaniel Dodson, Troy Grothman and John Bleavins.   
School Ticket
Perkins County Schools has three seats open on the board. There are three incumbent candidates, including Jayson Bishop, Doug Beck and Shawn Turner.
Wallace Schools has four candidates vying for three seats on the board, including Kristi Griffiths, Kenny Ogier, Cindy Christensen and Lila Koop.
Paxton Schools has three open seats and three candidates for a position on the board, including Kyle Schow, Jeremy Spurgin and Brenda Hahn.
Both Ogallala Schools and South Platte Schools have three open seats and three candidates for each board. Ogallala: James Ayres, Tena Most, Tod Neill. South Platte: Darrel Armstrong, Kimberly Sestak, Stanley Rhoades.
Grant Economic Development Program
On November’s ballot is a proposition concerning whether the City of Grant should continue the economic development program for another 10 years by appropriating property tax with the goal of creating jobs and generating employment opportunities; expanding labor markets of Grant and Perkins County; attracting new capital investment to the community; broadening the tax-base; retaining jobs; assisting existing businesses to be more competitive and profitable; and providing economic diversification to ensure economic stability and vitality.
The total money appropriated  from property taxes as determined by the governing body for the program shall not exceed $25,000 in any one year.
Madrid Fire District
A question appearing on the ballot includes whether the Madrid Fire Protection District shall be allowed to levy a property tax not to exceed 6.5 cents per $100 valuation for the next five fiscal years for the purpose of general operations, building or capital construction, remodeling, repair, site acquisition or any other purpose allowed by law.
Non-Partisan Ticket
Other candidates/races appearing on the November ballot include:
• The retainment of Judge James Fitzgerald for a six-year term in Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court.
• One seat and one candidate, David Lynch, for District 2 Mid-Plains Community College.
• At-Large candidate for Mid-Plains, Ted Klug.
• One open seat for Upper Republican Natural Resources District board in Subdistrict 9. Candidate is Thomas Schroder.
• Candidate Kathryn Repass for an Educational Service Unit 15 board seat in District 4.