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A moment of weakness

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

I watched K-State football on Saturday.  For a guy who grew up a KU fan and still is a KU fan,  that is a big confession to make.  
It was much more fun during the time when K-State was named by Sports Illustrated as the “Worst” program in college football.  During that time KU even had a good football team so it was possible to be a KU football fan and have expectations that Jayhawks would win a game every now and then.  But those days were long ago.  
Right now K-State has a pretty good football team.  They might even have a Heisman Trophy winner playing for them.  That is something that you haven’t seen in a sentence in a long time–and that is K-State and Heisman Trophy player. But if the Wildcats can run the table and Collin Klein doesn’t have too serious of injury, K-State could end up in the National Championship game and Klein could win the Heisman.  
Bill Snyder–and I am biting my tongue as I type this– has done a great job in his second stint at the “Little Apple” Manhattan, Kan.  Snyder has built his team this time around the same way he did the first time and that is by recruiting heavily from the JUCO ranks.
The Big 12 territory is full of outstanding junior college football programs.  K-State has over 30 JUCO players on his 105 member team.  A lot of coaches don’t want anything to do with JUCO players because they come with extra baggage.  
Snyder seems to pick the pearls out of the programs. Snyder is a pretty quiet guy on the sidelines, but I think he likes it when he can “hang” a “half a hundred” on people especially on other Big 12 teams.  I would bet that I could get Coach Pelini to agree on that.
Huskers Win Another Close One
Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini said that he had aged 20 years in the last few weeks because of the way the Huskers have played.  I can understand his statement.  My faith in them wanes pretty easily at times.  They make so many mistakes that make it so much harder to win.  
Sometimes Taylor Martinez looks so good and then he can turn around and look less than adequate.  Against Michigan State he showed flashes of the speed everyone saw during his freshman year.
He has probably the best receivers he has had the three years he has been at Nebraska, but at times it would appear that he has never been introduced to them yet.  Then he makes a great read, or a great throw or both and you wouldn’t want anyone else quarterbacking the team.  
I think he has a great memory for a quarterback.  He doesn’t think much about an interception, he just tries to make the next play.
Yesterday with about three minutes left, I went to dump leaves.  I thought we were done.  It didn’t take long to clean out the pickup and when I got back to the house, my very understanding neighbor boy Michael Beck was yelling at me to get in their house and watch the Husker game.  Thanks to Michael I got to see the winning touchdown.  He might get into my will or something now!
Winter Sports Start
On Monday the 12th, winter sports start in Nebraska high schools.  Basketball games and wrestling meets are about to start.  Mike Frerichs, Ron Kent, Gregg Aten and I have tickets to Husker basketball and we drew for games this past week.  
I try to schedule around PC games, Malcolm games and Husker games. I try to double up on Malcolm home games and Saturday and Sunday Husker games.  Doesn’t always work out but isn’t too bad.  
This season another spot I plan on hitting is the February 9th Heartland Hoops Classic in Grand Island.  There are games all day long, but the final game is Oak Hill Academy vs. Omaha Central.  
Oak Hill was the National High School Champion last year and their coach Steve Smith was the National High School coach of the year.  
Coach Smith was one of my sister’s students at Asbury College and I got to meet him when he and my sis were inducted into the Asbury University Hall of Fame in 2004.  Twenty-eight McDonald All-Americans have played at Oak Hill since 2000.  Carmelo Anthony played at the Baptist-affiliated boarding school before enrolling at Syracuse University.
The winter season should be another outstanding time for high school sports.  Make plans to support the Plainsmen.  See you at the games.