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Showing some real class

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

There are times when you might think that Coach Pelini should cut the intensity back a little, and that might be correct, but there are times when his decisions are right on the nose smart.  
Pelini’s decision to have Coach Osborne help lead the Huskers on the field for their game with Minnesota was a great, thoughtful, gesture. Pelini’s approach to having Dr. Tom around is a 180 degree turn in how former Husker coach Bill Callahan approached having Osborne around.
It would be difficult following a coach that was as successful as Tom Osborne, but Callahan appeared to not want a lot of help from Osborne and went out of his way at times to put distance between himself and Osborne.
It has been reported that Pelini is smart enough and doesn’t let his pride keep him from asking Osborne for advice from time to time. Pelini also realized what Coach Osborne has meant to the football program and even though I am sure Osborne didn’t need the “affection” that came with his jog onto the field, it was the right thing to do.
Bo is a young head coach. He doesn’t appear to be real comfortable with the press, but he is getting better. What he did with Coach Osborne showed a lot of class.
Now the Huskers are just one game away from playing in the Big Ten Championship. The day after Thanksgiving the Huskers play what could be the old “trap” game when they battle Iowa.
Iowa has been anything but good. At times terrible would be a compliment. But this will be Iowa’s bowl game. They will be a big underdog. The pressure will all be on Nebraska. Nebraska hasn’t always played well on the road. So what will be the outcome? Huskers win by three touchdowns.
BCS Scramble
K-State and Oregon, number one and number two both lose almost at the same time last Saturday. Notre Dame wins, Alabama wins. Now if both ND and Bama win out I would bet that will be the BCS championship game.
Guess that would make some people happy, but I wouldn’t be included in that group. Didn’t really want K-State to get there, but it would have been better than the “Golden Dome Team.” We will just have to wait and see what happens here at the end of the regular season.
High School Winter Season Ready to Start
Basketball and wrestling seasons are here. Make plans to get out and support the Plainsmen teams as they start their trip down  the road that they hope will take them to the State Tournaments.  It should be exciting so plan to join them this coming week.
See you at the games.