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Vandalism changes feelings of resident PDF Print E-mail

Citizens of Grant:
I find this very hard to write, as I love our community and each and every person who has touched my life, but I find that this may be the only way I can get rid of some of my anger and the feeling that I have of being violated.
For over 10 years, since I first saw these in North Platte, I wanted to get the 4-inch Christmas bulb lights to put in my yard. Because of the price, they weren’t a necessity, just a wish. Well, a week ago Sunday my dream came true. We found two sets of eight bulbs for half price!!
My husband put them out on the sides of our drive right away. They were so pretty. I had them on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night. I unplugged them during the day and plugged them in around 4:30 on Wednesday because I wanted to change the setting. However, only one bulb lit on the north side!
Someone, with a pocket knife, had cut the wires going to the second and third bulbs. I feel violated and so sad. Why would anyone do this? What did they have to gain? It was just a malicious act of stupidness.
I have only lived in Grant a bit over five years and have come to embrace the community and people here. Since I lived most of my life in Lincoln I would have expected this behavior, but here?
I truly hope that I can get back the feeling that I have always felt before of the community and people of Grant. And I truly hope that the thrill, or whatever emotion you felt, was worth it.
Diana Daley