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2012 acre production evidence must be provided

By Teri Moss, County Executive Director

Producers are required to provide annual production evidence for farms enrolled in ACRE. 
The deadline to provide 2012 production is July 15, 2013, but now is a great time to provide production reports to your crop insurance agent, and then bring your insurance report into our office while it is readily available. 
With the drought conditions during the 2012 crop year, the probability of the ACRE payment triggers being met is more likely than in past years. 
Before any possible payments could be made, all necessary documents, including production, would need to have been submitted to our office.
Report Changes to FSA
Farmers, ranchers and land owners must report changes to the FSA office. 
Owner & operator changes occur continuously.  This is a reminder that all changes should be reported as they occur. 
A copy of the recorded deed is required to change ownership records.
This includes not only land sales, but also transfers of ownership into revocable trusts, corporations, limited liability companies or other similar entities.  
Operator changes require written or verbal verification from the owner of the farm.  This could be a phone call or a copy of the land lease. 
Even though we do not currently have a Farm Bill, producers should inform the office of any changes. 
This will speed up new signup when it is announced.