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Grant’s fire siren becomes less active PDF Print E-mail

Due to age, the siren will be blown only for fire and rescue calls and will be activated for only 90 seconds rather than three minutes as in the past.

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Age and difficulty in getting replacement parts has played a role in the decision to cut back in sounding the siren within city limits of Grant.
According to Grant Fire Chief Don Softley, the siren on top of the fire station at the intersection of 4th and Central is 30 years old. It has been exceptionally difficult to find repair parts for this particular obsolete model over the past 10 years, with the nearest repair facility in the state located at West Point, he said.
The siren will no longer be activated for regular ambulance emergency calls.
“This action is primarily due to the age of the siren and the desire to keep it functional for as long as possible,” said Softley.
The fire whistle (siren) will continue to be blown for fire calls and emergency rescue calls such as car accidents. The activation of the siren will be decreased to 90 seconds rather than three minutes.
The noon whistle and the 5 o’clock whistle will continue to be activated.
Even though the siren may not be blowing at times when personnel are responding to a regular ambulance emergency, Softley encourages the public to be courteous to responders whose lights are flashing while on their way to the fire station and/or to the rescue scene.
Funding has been applied for to replace the old siren through a grant with Nebraska Emergency Management Agency.
Pending application approval, two new sirens with battery backup capability would be put into place within city limits.
The siren to be replaced is the yellow rotating one atop the fire hall which serves three functions with three different tones, including a tone for fire and ambulance, a different one for civil defense such as for tornados, and a third tone for air raid.