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Let’s put it in perspective

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

It is hard to believe but we are almost a month into high school basketball and more than that into the college schedule. On the college level–there have been some very competitive games with some great “Power” team match-ups.
I didn’t watch all of the Indiana and Butler game last Saturday, but due to a phone call I got asking if I was watching, I got in on the last three minutes of the regulation game and the overtime.
Butler is one of those feared mid-major teams like Creighton that teams better be ready to play or they are going to get roughed up a little and maybe get beat.
Butler had never beaten a nationally ranked number one team before but got the job done in OT against Indiana 88-86. That gave Butler some bragging rights in Indiana and I am sure it didn’t hurt their recruiting efforts. Indiana has Cody Zeller a 7-foot post who has been mentioned as a possible player of the year but Indiana’s head coach decided to take Zeller out and Butler walk-on Alex Barlow drove the lane and hit a short runner over Zeller’s replacement.
I am sure that the Indiana coaching staff wanted their defense to keep the ball in front of them, but even the best of the best sometimes breaks down and seven-footer would have looked pretty good in the lane when the Barlow showed up there.
New Alignments of Schools Everywhere
In the past few years conference realignment due to the BCS football setup either working or not working, depending what your opinion of it is, has caused schools that are primarily basketball schools to either move around a little–or now it appears–that maybe a first of a kind conference will be formed when the “Catholic Seven” schools of DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Providence, St. Johns, Seton Hall and Villanova will leave the Big East to form their own conference.
The Big East has been a strong conference in basketball with tons of tradition in basketball. At the presence time, it would appear that football is driving most of the conference realignment because of the BCS money that goes to schools when they play in a BCS bowl.
The idea for the football schools is probably a good one in theory, but it takes some imagination to think of Maryland being in the Big Ten or West Virginia being in the Big 12.
There will be rivalries that are built in the future, but distance between schools will keep a lot of fans from travelling. Games like the “Border War” featuring KU and Missouri or games like Oklahoma and Nebraska will be fewer and fewer.
Another Reminder Sports are Just Games
The massacre in Connecticut is another reminder that life is precious. The act is so horrific that I can’t even start to put together how disturbed someone has to be to put those actions into play. It became impossible for me to even watch the news during that morning.
My thoughts were that what should happen is that television people should not be allowed to interview any of those pupils that made it through the morning. Their lives have been interfered with enough without having to relive it for someone with a microphone.
My sons are certainly not that age, but you realize how much you love your family. They are too far away to hug, but they won’t be in a couple more days! It will be good to have them home for a short time.
Have a great Christmas.