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Ogallala Community Hospital introduces Wellness Wednesday PDF Print E-mail

Ogallala Community Hospital hopes to make wellness more convenient for area patients by offering comprehensive blood screenings every Wednesday.
The Wellness Wednesday Screening Package, begins Jan. 2, 2013 for a reasonable fee.
Tests are available from 7:15 a.m. to 11 a.m. by appointment at the hospital, 2601 N. Spruce St. in Ogallala.
No physician’s orders are required, but patients should fast for 12 hours prior to the testing to ensure accurate results.
Register at the outpatient desk in admissions prior to going to the laboratory.
The comprehensive metabolic panel will cover kidney, liver, electrolyte, acid/base balance and blood sugar and proteins), lipid panel, magnesium, phosphorus and TSH.
Additional tests are also available such as CBC (complete blood count), lipid profile, diabetic management, thyroid profile, thyroid screening (TSH), PSA (prostate specific antigen screening), blood type screening (ABO and Rh).
Insurance will not be billed. Cash debit or credit card payment is accepted.
Ogallala Community Hospital has decided to transition from a one day event to a weekly offering.
While providing many of the same tests that have been available in the past, OCH hopes to accommodate more people by offering the testing each Wednesday morning rather than one day in the spring.
Testing will be performed locally with results mailed out within 24 hours.
Ogallala Community Hospital is committed to providing excellent patient care and customer service.
To schedule an appointment, call (308) 284-7253 or (308) 284-7256.