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Grant City Council discusses golf course well and library roof PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
A light agenda and short meeting kicked off the first city council gathering of the new year with their regular meeting Tuesday, Jan. 8.
Newly hired City Administrator Dana Harris got an initiation of how Grant’s city government runs.
Councilman Tim Pofahl reported that the Public Works Committee is looking into a lighting project by improving fixtures with LEDs, depending on grants or funding.
Water, lotto and sheriff’s reports were presented to council.
Under unfinished business, a unanimous vote by council approved an ordinance to continue the Economic Development Program for the City of Grant.
New business agenda items included the appointment of Dana Harris to serve as alternate MEAN management committee representative and alternate board of directors representative. She will fill this capacity in the absence of the former city administrator who held the positions.
Council unanimously selected Tim Pofahl and Kirk York to serve as representative and alternate, respectively, for West Central Nebraska Development District. York takes the place of former council member Wayne Pick; Pofahl continues the position currently held as representative.
Council discussed the well at the golf course with a few of its club members/officers who were present for the meeting. There is a problem with the well pump at the course, which is old and close to becoming inoperable, according to Shawn Stutzman who spoke on behalf of the course membership.
The final item under new business on the agenda was discussion of the library roof. Repairs to the leaks which were caused by hail damage did not work, and the roof is in need of replacement.
According to City Clerk Jessie Faber, water has leaked into the library and has the potential to leak onto some of the books.    
The estimated cost of replacement is $30,000. Insurance will pay $18,597 said Faber.
Water/Lotto Figures
The December figures for water usage and lotto sales were released to council members.
• Water: A decrease in water usage was seen in December as compared to the previous month of November 2012. Last month there were 6,693,900 gallons of water consumed. During November the total gallons consumed were 7,784,100 which amounts to a decrease of 1,090,200 for the final month of the year.
• Lotto: Gaming at DJs Bar and Grill brought in $3,388.75 of sales with a payout of $3,358.35 leaving a net of $30.40. An amount of $1 went unclaimed.
Sheriff’s Report
The number of calls answered by the Perkins County Sheriff’s Office for the month of November 2012 totaled 106.
The majority of the calls were for information, title inspections and paper service.
There were eight assists to state agencies, six citizen assists, six handgun permits and six suspicious circumstance calls.
The remainder included calls such as animals, other agencies, disturbances, motorist assists, property damage or mischief, traffic citations, etc.