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Commissioner position requires time PDF Print E-mail

Editors Note: This letter is written by the widow of James Deaver who served as commissioner to Perkins County for many, many years, Her comments are meant to benefit those considering applying for the open position.

Dear Editor:
There is no training before becoming a county commissioner, so I hope this will be helpful to those who apply for the position of county commissioner in District 3 in Perkins County.
Although I never held that position, I’m well aware of the time it requires.
The Board of Commissioners meet the first and third Monday of each month except on special occasions. There are claims to approve, public forum, other officials to meet with, and other county business to conduct at these meetings.
One of the most important requirements of a commissioner is to be willing to learn and to work with all other elected officials to keep the county running smoothly.
You will get phone calls and if you are not at home, have someone take messages and always return phone calls. There will be questions asked and you may not know the answer.

Admit you don’t know and get the information you need. The county attorney, other officials, the Nebraska Association of County Officials and the County Board Handbook can all be resources for information.
The roads in the district are the direct responsibility of the commissioner representing the district and he/she is held accountable for them. Be directly involved with the road crew and the roads in the district. Look at the one and six year road plans, the signs, leased gravel pits and the equipment.
James rotated the equipment that had to be repaired all the time, but that is something to be considered within the district’s budget for roads.    
Perkins County also is represented on other boards. I’m most familiar with two that meet in North Platte once a month on the same day. There is no extra pay for going to other meetings, but mileage is paid round trip from your home to a meeting. I would encourage you to attend meetings that benefit the people of the county.
Take advantage of all informational meetings and workshops to learn and be kept up to date on county government. Thank you for being willing to serve the people of Perkins County.
Virginia Deaver