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Super Bowl not so super

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS activities director

Last week the Super Bowl was played in New Orleans. As everyone knows the Ravens won over the 49ers in what turned out to be a better game than everyone thought it was going to be when 11 seconds into the third quarter it was 28-6. The Ravens were looking like they would put a big knot upside the heads of the 49ers.  
It didn’t turn out that way and the 49ers answer with 17 straight points and the last quarter was a pretty exciting game.
I have to admit that I think this game is the most over-hyped championship game that is played.  The media has two weeks to get ready for the game and in most cases there are not that many stories you can come up with to fill time.  
The media tries and there are a few dead horses that get beaten during that time and guys that I didn’t mind listening to before, I get to the point where I hate the sound of their voice and the same tired sound “bites” that are played.  
Lots of money changes hands on this game, and I am sure that keeps the interest of the gamblers, but other than that it is tough to hear the same thing over and over and over.
That Sunday, maybe the most dramatic part of the game was when a bank of lights went off and there was a 34 minute delay in the game.  I don’t know if it helped either team or hindered either team, but the Neilsen ratings were a 46 during the blackout.  That is higher than a lot of TV shows get in prime time, so I know that people are interested in the game.  After the lights came on the 49ers made their run.
I would think that Vegas was wondering what their losses were going to be because the over/under went over and all the little side bets that are made looked like Vegas was in for a loss.  I don’t know how Vegas came out, but I would imagine that none of the sports betting places have closed their doors. You can bet on almost anything.  
There was a line on whether Alicia Key’s singing of the National Anthem would last more than two minutes. I don’t know if there was a line on how long someone would watch the half time show or not, but with Beyonce performing you would think most people would stay with it. But I was channel surfing within 30 seconds and ended up watching an NCIS rerun that I had already seen.  
Beyonce is a beautiful young lady, but it appears Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his team of Navy Investigators were more interesting at that particular time.  I am not sure what that means for me, but I am sure I will have some medical opinions back in a few days.
Pro Hall of Fame
Unlike the baseball people, the professional football hall of fame actually elected some people to the hall this year.  Larry Allen of the Cowboys, Chris Carter, Eagles and Vikings, Jonathan Ogden, Ravens, Dave Robinson, Packers, Warren Sapp Raiders and Buccaneers, Curly Culp, Chiefs, and Bill Parcells, Coach of the Jets, and Giants were chosen for induction.
Bill Parcells, who grew up in New Jersey, has a lot of Midwestern ties.  He graduated from Wichita State in Kansas and actually was an assistant coach at one time at Hastings College in 1964.
The Big Tuna went on to also be an assistant coach at Army and while there was an assistant coach to Bob Knight who was the head basketball coach.  
Can you imagine upsetting those two guys in practice or a game? There are two guys whose patience level on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being very patient would probably hover somewhere around -6.
Jonathan Ogden I didn’t know at all, but he was the original Raven.  The first draft pick after the Browns moved there from Cleveland. He is 6-9 and 345 lbs.  He was the one who got the biggest ovation when the inductees were introduced at the game.
Regular BB Season
Games About Over
There are only two regular season games for the Perkins County girls left on the schedule and three games for the boys.  One of those games will have been played by the time this edition is out, so if you want to see the Plainsmen, you need to make some plans, quickly.  The wrestling team will be at districts on the 8th and 9th. Spring is just around the corner.