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Lady Cats fall in second round of sub-D PDF Print E-mail

By Christy Sheets
Sports Writer
On Tuesday, Feb. 12 the Wildcats traveled to Cambridge for the first round of the sub-district tournament. The Lady Cats had to face the Hayes Center Cardinals, and they were hoping for one more victory against this rival team this season.
The Lady Cats took control of the court early, leaving the Cardinals a little out of step. As the buzzer sounded the Lady Cats were ahead by six, 18 to 12.
The second quarter saw the Cardinals pick up their game, but the Cats were determined and unwilling to relinquish control. The Cats defense stepped up, and they matched the Cards shot for shot. The Lady Cats headed into the locker-room leading, 22 to 16.  
After half, inspired by their coach, the girls came out and outscored the Tigers by 12. The Lady Cats played an excellent quarter, and the third quarter ended 43 to 25.
The Lady Cats continued to battle in the fourth quarter, but the Cardinals were determined to gain some momentum. The Cats fought hard, but the Cardinals fought harder, not wanting their season to end. In the end the early Wildcat lead was insurmountable. The Wallace Wildcats won their first match in the sub-district tournament, 53 to 38.
Offensively, Daniels led the Cats with 25 points, followed by Sowle with 18 points. Griffiths and Hubbard each had four points, and Melton had two points.
Leading the team with offensive rebounds were Sowle (five), Daniels (four), Griffiths two, Hubbard two, Melton (one), and Hayley Storm (one).  
Leading the team with assists were Daniels (four), Hubbard (three), Melton two, Sowle (one), and Griffiths (one).
Defensively, Sowle led the Cats with four rebounds, four blocks, and one steal, followed by Melton with three rebounds and five steals. Griffiths had three rebounds and two steals, Daniels had one rebound and four steals, Aylward had two rebounds, Lundvall and Storm each had one rebound, and Messersmith had one steal.
Wallace vs. Wau/Pal.
On Thursday, Feb. 14, the Cats traveled back to Cambridge to face the Broncos of Wauneta-Palisade. The Lady Cats were ready to play, hoping to upset the Broncos at least one time this season. Unfortunately for the Lady Cats, the Broncos had other plans.
In the first quarter both teams played tough defense, and both teams struggled to get the ball to fall. As the buzzer sounded at the end of the first quarter, the Lady Cats trailed by just four, 10 to 6.
The Lady Cats started to see some light in the second quarter, as they slowly started to get a few shots to fall, and they pulled to within one. Unfortunately, in the last minutes of the quarter the Broncos returned the favor. The Cats headed to the locker rooms trailing, 10 to 18.
After half, the Broncos had a renewed energy. Once again the Wildcats tried to build momentum, but the Broncos refused to give them a chance. The Broncos outscored the Wildcats by 20. The third quarter ended with the Raiders leading 23 to 51.
In the fourth quarter the Cats tried hard to pull themselves back together, and they tried to put a run together. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late.
Coach Messersmith gave some of the younger players some court time, and allowed the crowd to applaud the girls who have worked so hard this season. The Lady Cats season ended with a final score of 30 to 59.
Offensively, sophomore Christina Daniels led the Cats with 15 points. Senior Chelsea Sowle had six points, senior Katelyn Melton had four points, senior Anna Griffiths and sophomore Mickayla Sheets each had two points, and freshman Sarah Banks had one point.
Leading the team with assists were Daniels (two), sophomore Morgan Messersmith (two), Melton (one), and junior Alexandria Lundvall (one). Leading the team with offensive rebounds were Sowle (six), and Daniels (three).
Defensively, Sowle led the Cats with nine rebounds, two blocks, and one steal. Junior Sara Hubbard had three rebounds and two steals, Melton had two rebounds and three steals, Griffiths had three rebounds and one steal, Daniels had one rebound and three steals, junior Jaclyn Nelson and sophomores Hayley Storm and Emma Franklin each had one rebound, and Messersmith had one steal.
When asked about the game, Coach Messersmith said, “Defense kept us in the game for the first half, we were able to keep it close.” He added, “Wauneta/Palisade just has too many good shooters and good athletes to keep at bay for a whole game. The biggest factor in this ball game was our inability to relax. We just weren’t able to settle in and play basketball the way we have the last five or six games.”
The Season
The ladies had a fair season, ending with a 8-13 record. When asked about the season, Coach Messersmith said, “I am very proud of the effort of the entire team throughout the whole season. They worked very hard to adjust to a new system and we showed steady improvement each week. We were definitely playing our best basketball at the end of the season.”