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Abundant Life Church in Grant is holding two special services this week with missionaries Donald and Wendy Lott. The Lotts have been called to a street-level ministry to minister to homeless and poverty-stricken children in inner-city Denver and rescue children from the horrors of human and sexual trafficking.
Services will be held at Abundant Life Church, Friday, March 22, at 7 p.m. and Saturday, March 23, at 7 p.m.  
Abundant Life Church is located at 234 Central Ave., Grant between the fitness center and the barber shop.  The Saturday evening service will be directed towards children with a puppet show and high-energy ministry.  
Everyone is encouraged to come and help support this valuable ministry family.
Donald and Wendy are candidate missionaries with the Assemblies of God U.S. Missions Missionary Church Planters and Developers Department. They are passionate about connecting kids to Jesus and teaching them life skills.
Donald and Wendy are generating new life in their local churches through feeding children physically with a meal, and then feeding them spiritually through high-impact, high-energy, mosaic style life lessons of Jesus.
They teach kids to choose friends wisely, stay in school, build healthy relationships, and live addiction free lives.
Winston, who is 19, feels called to be a children’s pastor to Spain. He loves speaking Spanish and working with children. His hobbies are playing tennis, his trumpet and playing drums.
They believe kids plus Jesus equals super life.
Previous ministry: Donald and Wendy have served as senior pastors of rural churches in North Carolina and Colorado, all with a community emphasis on children and youth ministries.
They have also served the local assembly from east to west as children’s pastors, directing children’s camps such as Royal Family Kids Camps, various section kids camps, Royal Ranger & Missionette Programs, and all Christian education of the church for infants up to sixth grade.
Why Denver?
•  Over 100,000 children live in poverty
•  36 percent of the homeless population are children
• Denver is ranked third in our nation for human trafficking
•  There is a need for real parents because of the poverty and drugs
• George Barna Studies conclude that over 50 percent of people who receive Christ as their Savior will do so before the age of 13
How Do We Reach Them
Empower Kids to achieve their dreams by;
•  Feeding kids physically and spiritually
• Helping them build healthy relationships
• Helping them to choose friends wisely
• Encouraging them to stay in school
• Encouraging addiction free lives
• Helping with reading skills to develop imagination
• Encouraging kids to dream.
“Then Jesus called for the children and said, ‘Don’t come between me and them. These children are the Kingdom’s pride and joy.” Luke 18:16-17