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Perkins County hosts first meet PDF Print E-mail

Dreary and chilly weather greeted the Plainsmen and three other participating teams in the Perkins County Invite on Thursday, March 21, the first competition of the 2013 track season.
Other participating teams were Wallace, Wauneta-Palisade and South Platte.
No team scores were recorded, and no individual medals were rewarded, giving participants an opportunity to gauge their progress in a meet setting without the pressure of a scored competition.
Girls Results
100 meter dash–1st Kylie Hanson, 14.1; 3rd Courtney McClenahan
200 meter dash–1st Courtney McClenahan, 29.7; 2nd Kylie Hanson, 31.4
400 meter dash–1st Kendra Hoffert, 1:10.7
800 meter run–1st Stephanie Schrotberger, 2:44.2; 2nd Courtney Lyon, 2:46.3
1600 meter run–3rd Natasha Thomas, 8:54.2; 1st Alexis Wolford, South Platte, 6:55.8
3200 meter run–1st Mariah Curtis, 14:22.3; 2nd Emily Kemling, 14:22.5
100 meter hurdles–2nd Jasmin Walkinshaw, 24.6; 1st Adalida Dickmander, South Platte, 20.4
300 meter hurdles–3rd Jasmin Walkinshaw, 58.9; 1st Zoe Buntain, South Platte, 57.5
4x100 meter relay–1st Perkins County, 56.0 (Kylie Hanson, Courtney McClenahan, Mariah Curtis, Kendra Hoffert)
4x400 meter relay–1st South Platte, 4:57.8
4x800 meter relay–1st Perkins County, 11:19.1 (Mariah Curtis, Courtney Lyon, Stephanie Schrotberger, Emily Kemling)
Pole vault–1st Kendra Hoffert, 8-00.0
Long jump–4th Mariah Curtis, 12-03.00; 8th Natasha Thomas, 8-04.25; 1st Sara Hubbard, Wallace, 13-03.00
Triple jump–1st Courtney McClenahan, 30-03.25
Shot put–1st Shania Metcalf, 33-00.25; 3rd Rebecca Johnson, 28-08.00; 7th Kayla Woodmancy, 26-01.00; 10th Taylor Walter, 23-06.25; 14th Josie Osler, 21-00.50; 15th Claire Friedel, 19-10.50
Discus throw–1st Shania Metcalf, 101-10; 5th Rebecca Johnson, 84-01; 10th Claire Friedel, 64-00; 10th Josie Osler, 64.00; 14th Taylor Walter, 60-11; 17th Kayla Woodmancy, 54-09
Boys Results
100 meter dash–1st Matthew Sestak, 11.8; 7th Mitchell Sestak, 13.2
200 meter dash–1st Matthew Sestak, 24.1; 4th Mitchell Sestak, 26.7; 7th Tristen Kennicutt, 28.1
400 meter dash–2nd Tristen Kennicutt, 58.7; 1st Kris Kopetzky, South Platte, 54.7
800 meter run–3rd Chris Throckmorton, 2:45.5; 4th Sam Rowley, 2:45.6; 1st Jacob Maris, Wauneta-Palisade, 2:18.5
1600 meter run–6th Robert Engel, 6:02.5; 1st Jacob Maris, Wauneta-Palisade, 5:05.7
3200 meter run–2nd Brendon Barry, 12:33.1; 1st Juan Gomez, Wallace, 12:22.6    
110 meter hurdles–1st Hunter Coats, 20.0
300 meter hurdles–1st Hunter Coats, 49.0
4x100 meter relay–1st Perkins County, 48.0 (Tristen Kennicutt, Kaleb Vak, Mitchell Sestak, Matthew Sestak
4x400 meter relay–1st Wallace, 4:06.5
4x800 meter relay–3rd Perkins County, 10:31.8 (Brendon Barry, Garrett Toner, Sam Rowley, Chris Throckmorton), 1st Wauneta Palisade, 9:24.9
High jump–1st Tristen Kennicutt, 5-02.00
Pole vault–1st tie, Sam Rowley, 8-06.00, Noah Blochowitz, South Platte, 8-06.00; 3rd Garrett Toner, 8-06.00; 5th Coy Aerni, 7-00.00; 6th Kaleb Vak, 7-00.00    
Long jump–1st Elliot Carlson, 19-03.00; 2nd Zak Kurkowski, 16-07.50; 7th Chris Throckmorton, 13-11.50
Triple jump–1st Logan Bischoff, Wauneta-Palisade, 37-01.50
Shot put–1st Vinny Ross, 41-11.75
Discus–1st Vinny Ross, 134-08; 6th Tyrone Summers, 109-10