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I picked up my granddaughter after school several days ago. What a frightening scenario! I could not believe the chaos at the elementary school. Cars and kids going every which direction. It’s a miracle that something tragic hasn’t happened already. Something needs to be done before a child gets hit and hurt or killed. It has happened elsewhere. Heaven forbid it should happen here.
Tribune staff and others have volunteered as crossing guards in the spring and fall when young children are on the move. This spring, someone will try to be at the intersection of 4th and Central each day to escort kids across Highway 61.
What I think needs to be done is to have a specified adult(s) in place daily at school who assists children across the street if they’re walking, or to a vehicle if they’re being picked up.
This is hereby a formal solicitation for anyone to come forward who can contribute to this cause. My commitment to my job doesn’t allow for the luxury of the time required to organize it, but I know there are men’s groups, women’s groups, church groups and mission groups, sororities, and individuals who would be happy to step forward for only a few weeks from now until school is out, and then again for the first few weeks after school starts in the fall, who would dedicate themselves to the safety of the little ones in our community.
I would invite those interested to go to the grade school at 3:30 some afternoon and check it out, but it’s such a madhouse now and there don’t need to be anymore cars, pickups, or SUVs trying to maneuver their way through the narrow street. It’s already  lined with parked cars to pick up a child who dashes into the street to jump in a vehicle that barely comes to a stop. Distracted drivers are looking for their child or looking for a space to park. We all know how distracted the kids already are! It’s a scary situation.  
I strongly urge anyone who wishes to volunteer a few minutes daily until mid-May to come forward and indicate their desire by contacting the school to relay that desire. To volunteer as a crossing guard at the corner of 4th and Central, call or come in the Tribune and let us know you are willing to help kids across the busy state highway that runs through town.
In the meantime, preach to your kids until you are blue in the face and they are sick and tired of hearing, “Be Careful.”
Jan Rahn