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Opinion expressed on school building issue PDF Print E-mail

Residents of Perkins County, I need your help!
The Perkins County School Board is considering a building project in the near future.
The first building proposal: Demolish the three story building at Madrid and replace it with a single story structure, their estimated cost is around five-six million. In my opinion it would be much less than that! Their estimate cost is overstated for a purpose, to make the proposed building in Grant more appealing. Two to three million would be more realistic and probably still be overstated.
The second building proposal: Abandon the Madrid School site and build a “cadillac” competition gym and four classrooms for the seventh and eighth grades at the Grant High School site, maybe for a cost of at least 6 to possibly 10 million dollars. The sixth grade would be put in the elementary building in Grant, which would result in an additional building in the near future for another $400,000 to $500,000 additional cost. Also a new bus barn would be built for another $200,000.
If you have heard that the school board has the money already saved in the building funds, that is NOT true. As of Jan. 1, 2013, the building fund was around one million dollars, by the end of 2013 the building fund is projected to be around 2.2 million dollars. The school board plans on raising one million per year by having a building fund levy .10 to .14 which is in addition to the regular budget levy of .60 to .70 or more.
Since the consolidation of the Grant and Wheatland School Districts, in 2005, the major capital expenditures to the school building are as follows:
Grant-Capital Expenditures
High School: $ 2,624,406.60
Elementary: $820,839.87
Total: $3,445,246.47
Madrid-Capital Expenditures
Middle School: $102,020.40
The large difference between money for capital-expenditures spent at Grant compared to money spent at Madrid did surprise me but it shouldn’t have.
If regular repairs and required maintenance had been made at Madrid there would be no issue of building. I still do not believe we need to build in Madrid or Grant!
Where I need your help is to encourage the Perkins County School Board to put this issue on the ballot for vote by all of the Perkins County residents. But I want the ballot to be truthful and fairly represented. Maybe something as follows:
Vote for One:
• Build at Madrid, 5 to 6 million cost
• Build at Grant, 6 to 10 million cost
• Do not build at either site but do needed repairs and maintenance at Madrid and Grant
I hope you will take interest in this issue as it is your school system, your county, and your tax dollars!
Thank You
Sid Colson