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Update on District 1 roads

By Sid Colson
Dist. 1 Perkins Co. commissioner

This is just an update on the roads in District 1.
Larry and the crew have started working on the Elsie-Paxton Road. The road engineers, TC Engineering, is having them haul in three to four inches of black dirt on the north two miles. Then it will be mixed and packed with eight inches  of the existing dirt for a better base.
Our crew will do the early shaping of the road, then the contractor who gets the bid will do the final work required for the pavement bed.
District 1 has just purchased a new 2013 JD grader, trading in a 1995 JD grader.
In the near future, a new bridge will be installed close to George and Jim Lee’s homes on Road 750 on the Perkins-Chase County line. the cost of this bridge will be shared by the two counties.
We have been running a magnet over District 1 roads in an attempt to pick up nails and other metal items that have been exposed by the dry weather. It may help but it will not remove all the nails.