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Plainsmen tracksters set school record at Hershey meet on Saturday PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Finally able to compete in a scheduled track meet, the Perkins County athletes came away in sixth place in both the girls and boys divisions at the Hershey Invitational on Saturday, April 20.
Weather has caused the postponement or cancellation of some of the spring sports events for the Plainsmen. The Sutherland Invitational and the Chase County Invite were both cancelled; golf meets have been postponed; there have been snow days and late starts for Perkins County Schools during the month of April.
As of Monday, there was more rain/snow mix in the forecast.
Two of the tracksters from Perkins County set new school records at the Saturday meet in Hershey—Elliot Carlson and Quinton Hite broke the school record in the 100m dash. Carlson’s time of 10:81 in second place will stand as the school record. Hite came in third with a time of 11.0, also breaking the school’s record.
The boys team placed sixth in a field of 11 schools with 51.5 points. First place went to Chase County with 109 points. Cambridge was second with 100 points, and St. Pat’s had 72 points for third place.
The Perkins County girls also placed sixth as a team with 42.5 points. St. Pat’s captured first place with 105 points. Second went to Chase County with 86.5 points, and Hershey placed third with 61 points.
Other schools taking part were South Loup, Brady, Garden County, Mullen, Sutherland and Southwest.
Girls Results
100 meter dash–1st Jamie Smith, St. Pat’s, 13.10
200 meter dash–1st Brooke Frederick, Hershey, 27.60
400 meter dash–1st Kenzie May, Southwest, 1:03.40
800 meter run–2nd Stephanie Schrotberger, 2:41.50; 3rd Courtney Lyon, 2:42.70; 1st Anna O’Malley, St. Pat’s, 2:36.20
1600 meter run–5th Emily Kemling, 6:14.90; 1st Mandy O’Malley, St. Pat’s, 5:52.60
3200 meter run–6th Emily Kemling, 13:47.40; 1st Mandy O’Malley, St. Pat’s, 12:43.20
100 meter hurdles–1st Joli Hopping, Sutherland, 16.50
300 meter hurdles–1st Madison Tomlinson, Mullen, 50.30
4x100 meter relay–1st Sutherland, 53.50
4x100 meter relay powderpuff–1st Chase Co., 58.80    
4x400 meter relay–1st Hershey, 4:25.10
4x800 meter relay–2nd Perkins Co., 11:11.60 (Emily Kemling, Courtney Lyon, Mariah Curtis, Stephanie Schrotberger); 1st St. Pat’s, 10:58.70
High jump–1st Josie Palmer, Brady, 5’-2”
Pole vault–5th Kendra Hoffert, 7’-6”; 1st Brooke Frederick, Hershey, 10’-2”
Long jump–1st Jordin Wasson, Cambridge, 15’-7 3/4”    
Triple jump–3rd Courtney McClenahan, 32-’0”; 1st Jordin Wasson, Cambridge, 33’-11”    
Shot put–5th Shania Metcalf, 30’-10 3/4”; 1st Jodi Koelner, Chase Co., 36’-9”
Discus throw–2nd Shania Metcalf, 100’-7”; 1st Jodi Koelner, Chase Co., 106’-2”
Boys Results
100 meter dash–2nd Elliot Carlson, 10.81; 3rd Quinton Hite, 11.00; 1st Kaden Huxoll, Cambridge, 10.80
200 meter dash–2nd Quinton Hite, 23.40; 1st Kaden Huxoll Cambridge, 22.90
400 meter dash–4th Matthew Sestak, 54.70; 1st Kaden Huxoll, Cambridge, 52.20
800 meter run–1st Joe O’Malley, St. Pat’s, 2:08.10
1600 meter run–1st Holden Dreiling, Chase Co., 4:58.30
3200 meter run–1st Holden Dreiling, Chase Co. 11:07.00            110 meter hurdles–1st Kevin German, Chase Co., 16.40
300 meter hurdles–1st Kevin German, Chase Co., 42.60
4x100 meter relay–1st Cambridge, 45.10
4x100 meter relay weightman’s–1st Garden Co., 49.90    
4x400 meter relay–6th Perkins Co., 3:47.00 (Matthew Sestak, Tristen Kennicutt, Zak Kurkowski, Quinton Hite); 1st Chase Co., 3:38.20
4x800 meter relay–6th Perkins Co., 10:09.60 (Christopher Throckmorton, Samuel Rowley, Robert Engel, Coy Aerni); 1st Brady, 8:56.70
High jump–6th Tristen Kennicutt, 5’-4”; 1st Kane McLaughlin, Garden Co., 6’-2”    
Pole vault–1st Brady Weinman, South Loup, 13’-7”    
Long jump–2nd Elliot Carlson, 20’-11”; 1st Derek Hildebrandt, South Loup, 20’-11”
Triple jump–2nd Elliot Carlson, 40’-4”;  6th Zak Kurkowski, 39’-2”; 1st Zack Moore, Cambridge, 41’-0”
Shot put–4th Vinny Ross, 45’-11”; 1st Justus Wallin, Chase Co., 47’-7”
Discus throw–5th Vinny Ross, 128’-5”; 1st Alex Harms, St. Pat’s, 141’-7”