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Have you heard the news?

By Father Mark Pfeiffer
Mother of Sorrows/St. Mary’s Catholic Church

“I know my Redeemer lives!” This is the acclamation proclaiming Jesus is the Risen Savior for all the world to receive.
All the world has been changed, transformed, made new in Christ, our Lord.
All the darkness is banished, mankind has been brought into the light being restored to grace in Christ the Lord. This provides us reason to rejoice in our hymn of praise, alleluia, let the Heavens rejoice and the earth be glad, as all humanity is made new in Christ!
I, for the longest time, considered the Easter mystery in the light of an event in the past, a historical happening. It is only inside recent time I have grown to appreciate the mysteries of Christ are boundless, touching all of time, reaching out to us right here and now, affecting us in the present.
The rising of Christ has lifted up all of fallen humanity in Him.
This becomes the reason why all of us redeemed in the blood of Christ bear the marks of Christ. His saving death and resurrection, the Paschal mysteries have entered the life of our souls. We are now His. We are His own. We are the ones cleaned in the blood of Christ, and raised with Him from the tomb.
We are truly redeemed in Christ. This is the reason we are an Easter people, a people lifted up in Christ our Lord. Our hearts resonate with a hymn of praise, celebrating each Sunday our victory in Christ, being made new in Christ.
Christ continues to live as our Savior, setting us free. We are continually being lifted up in Christ, walking as  “Children of the light!”
Jesus the risen Savior is equally our Good Shepherd. Jesus expresses, “My sheep hear my voice.” Who exactly are the ones who are the Lord’s sheep? His sheep are the humble ones, the attentive ones, the ones possessing a burning desire to know more, and be more, becoming more attentive to Christ our Lord.
We continue to rededicate our lives over to Christ, asking Christ to reign supreme as the Lord of our lives. He is the one who sets us free!