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Wildcats finish season, prep for Districts PDF Print E-mail

By Elizabeth Strand
Sports Writer
Spring must be getting close! The Wildcats competed in two track meets last week, the Best of the Midwest and the Dundy County Stratton Twilight.
On Tuesday, April 30, Tanner Clough represented the Wildcats at the Best of the Midwest Track Meet in Sutherland. Tanner improved his time in the 1600, running 4:47.90 and placing third. Tanner also placed third in the 3200, running 10:50.30.
On Friday, the whole squad traveled to Benkelman for the Dundy County Stratton Twilight. There were 10 teams at the meet including: Dundy County Stratton, Chase County, Hayes Center, Wauneta-Palisade, Rawlins County (Kan.), Cheylin (Kan.), South Platte, Perkins County, Maywood, and Wallace.
The Wallace athletes took advantage of another nice day to improve several marks. Landon Swedberg (discus, 400) and Juan Gomez (1600, 3200) improved in two events each, also medaling in those events. Jackson Porter improved his distance in the shot by over a foot, also earning an individual medal.
Abbey Rohde ran on all three of the girls relays and placed eighth in the discus, earning her letter. Many of the Wildcats scored points at this meet, either through relays or individual events. This meet was scored through eight places (10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1) and medals were also given to the top three teams in each relay.
The next meet for the Wildcats is the D-10 District Meet in Sutherland on Wednesday, May 8.
Girls Team Results
Champion–Chase County 173 points
Runner-Up–Dundy County Stratton 91 points
10th Wallace–17 points
Girls Results
Long Jump–1st R. Singhatch, RC, 15’11”
Shot Put–1st V. Cervantes, CC, 37’6.5”
High Jump–1st M. Ketter, CC, 4’8”
4x800 Meter Relay–3rd Wallace (Alexandria Lundvall, Mickayla Sheets, Abbey Rohde, Paige Aylward), 12:19.80; 1st Perkins County, 10:40.90
100 Meter Hurdles–1st K. Jussel, CC, 16.60
100 Meter Dash–1st R. Singhatch, RC, 12.90
400 Meter Run–1st A. Fanning, WP, 1:03.30
3200 Meter Run–1st P. Spady, CC, 12:34.60
200 Meter Dash–1st R. Singhatch, RC, 26.70
Triple Jump–8th Hayley Storm, Wallace, 28’4”; 1st C. McClenahan, PC, 32’4”
Discus–8th Abbey Rohde, Wallace, 89’9”; 1st J. Koellner, CC, 109’2”
Pole Vault–1st T. Hill, SP, 8’6”
800 Meter Run–1st S. McCarthy, DCS, 2:31.80
300 Meter Hurdles–1st K. Jussel, CC, 49.30
1600 Meter Run–8th Mickayla Sheets, Wallace, 6:55.50; 1st J. Stone, MAY, 5:45.80
4x100 Meter Relay–4th Wallace (Paige Aylward, Abbey Rohde, Hayley Storm, Sara Hubbard), 57.50; 1st Rawlins County, 51.20
4x400 Meter Relay–6th Wallace (Sara Hubbard, Abbey Rohde, Hayley Storm, Paige Aylward), 4:54.60; 1st Wauneta-Palisade, 4:26.90
Boys Team Results
Champion–Chase Co. 177 points
Runner-Up–Perkins Co. 100 points
6th Wallace–51 points
Boys Results
Long Jump–1st D. Tiemeyer, RC, 19’10”
Discus–2nd Landon Swedberg, Wallace, 134’6”; 3rd Josh May, Wallace, 129’1”; 1st V. Ross, PC, 140’9”
Pole Vault–1st T. Reichert, DC, 13’0”
4x800 Meter Relay–3rd Wallace (Landon Swedberg, Hayden Woodcox, Andrew Gardner, Tanner Clough), 9:21.30; 1st Wauneta-Palisade 8:55.60
110 Meter Hurdles–1st S. Gohl, HC, 15.50
100 Meter Dash–1st E. Carlson, PC, 11.20
400 Meter Run–7th Landon Swedberg, 55.10; 1st M. Sestak, PC, 52.90
3200 Meter Run–2nd Tanner Clough, Wallace, 10:47.20; 6th Juan Gomez, Wallace, 11:56.60; 1st H. Dreiling, CC, 10:40.50
200 Meter Dash–1st Q. Hite, PC, 23.00
Triple Jump–1st M. Migchelbrik, RC, 39’11”
Shot Put–8th Jackson Porter, Wallace, 40’0”; 1st J. Wallin, CC, 47’10”
High Jump–1st T. Luhrs, CC, 5’8”
800 Meter Run–5th Andrew Gardner, Wallace, 2:20.30; 1st W. Anderjaska, WP, 2:08.50
300 Meter Hurdles–1st K. German, CC, 42.00
1600 Meter Run–6th Juan Gomez, Wallace, 5:28.40; 1st J. Maris, WP, 4:44.70
4x100 Meter Relay–5th Wallace (Josh May, Shane Anders, John Marquardt, Lane Scott), 51.20; 1st Perkins County, 45.20
4x400 Meter Relay–3rd Wallace (Landon Swedberg, Andrew Gardner, John Marquardt, Hayden Woodcox), 3:53.40; 1st Chase County, 3:38.80
Personal Bests
800 Meter Run–Jose Arvizo 2:26, Andrew Gardner 2:20.30
1600 Meter Run–Juan Gomez 5:28.40
3200 Meter Run–Juan Gomez 11:56.60
Discus–Josh May 129’1”, Landon Swedberg 134’6”, Abbey Rohde 89’9”
100 Meter dash–Jackson Porter 13.5, Lane Scott 12.8
Shot Put–Jackson Porter 40’0”
400 Meter Run–Landon Swedberg 55.1
4x100 Meter Relay–Aylward, Rohde, Storm, Hubbard, 57.50
4x400 Meter Relay–Hubbard, Rohde, Storm, Aylward 4:54.60
4x800 Meter Relay–Swedberg, Woodcox, Gardner, Clough 9:21.30