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New life abounds

By Father Mark Pfeiffer
Mother of Sorrows/St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Spring is abounding all around us. The sign of spring is “new life.” Life abounds all around us for us to capture and see.
We never tire, as we see new life, before our eyes in the form of a baby calf, a newborn colt, birds in our tree, pheasants in the field, a fawn with white spots. Our entire expression changes favorably with optimism, enthusiastic for our future.
We see a birth in the life of a family is greeted with true exuberance, as life inside the family is changed completely. This is an indicator of the hand of the Lord rewarding us with His blessings and His abundance. This becomes our festive moment. It is a moment worth capturing, savoring, celebrating, marking the event.
One of the principle ideas surrounding Jesus as our true Redeemer is Jesus has come to generate new life within us.
All through the saving acts of Christ upon the cross followed by the triumph of Jesus’ resurrection, we all rise up with Christ.
We are lifted up into a new existence, becoming members of His family, all receiving new life and new birth in Christ. This becomes a festive moment, a moment entirely deserving of our celebration. We have crossed over into a new existence, our new life in Christ, a moment for rejoicing.
All through water and the Holy Spirit our souls have been transformed, made new in Christ, brought into a communion of life with Christ.        The interesting thing is an ongoing new birth in Christ may continue to renew the life of our soul. We do this, asking Jesus to become a welcome guest within us. We ask Jesus to reign supreme as the Lord of our hearts, placing His new life within us. We never need to get old.
We can continually be made  new in Christ. This happens as we receive a conversion of heart, a new heart in Christ, as Jesus generates new life with us through His Holy Word, through His grace within our soul.
Yes, life has many “new births” among us, numerous festive moments. We grasp the moment thanking God.
We ask Jesus, The Word who is life continually create a new heart within us, so we may have His heart, His all loving heart guiding our lives, helping us to reflect His love, His mercy, His generosity inside our lives.