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Eleven Plainsmen earn trip to State Track Meet PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Eleven Plainsmen athletes will be making their way to the Nebraska State Track and Field Meet in Omaha this coming weekend.
As hosts of the 2013 C-11 District meet held last Thursday at Lee Todd Track, Perkins County Schools ranked third place among the boys teams  with 90 points and fourth place in the girls division with 65 points among eight other district schools.
Qualifying for the state meet are seniors Vinny Ross, Elliot Carlson and Quinton Hite for the boys; and Shania Metcalf for the girls. Other qualifiers for the Plainsmen are Matthew Sestak, Tristen Kennicutt, Courtney Lyon, Mariah Curtis, Emily Kemling, Stephanie Schrotberger and Kendra Hoffert.
With a score of 144, Chase County’s boys took top honors and Bayard won the girls division with 123 points.
Girls Results
State qualifiers for the girls include: Shania Metcalf-discus, Kendra Hoffert-pole vault, and the 4x8 relay team of Stephanie Schrotberger, Emily Kemling, Mariah Curtis and Courtney Lyon.
100 meter dash–6th Kylie Hanson, 13.33; 1st Kelsy Wood, Hemingford, 12.57
200 meter dash–5th Courtney Mcclenahan, 28.35; 1st Colby Duvel, Dundy Co./Stratton, 27.40
400 meter dash–5th Kendra Hoffert, 1:07.98; 11th Lila Konecky, 1:13.22; 1st Jessica Kildrow, Bridgeport, 1:02.29
800 meter run–3rd Stephanie Schrotberger, 2:36.95; 4th Courtney Lyon, 2:41.10; 8th Mariah Curtis, 2:59.45; 1st Jessi Smith, Bayard, 2:32.02
1600 meter run–4th Emily Kemling, 6:06.87; 1st Jessi Smith, Bayard, 5:51.77
3200 meter run–Paige Spady, Chase Co., 12:48.74
100 meter hurdles– 4th Amanda Osler, 17.60; 1st Kelsy Wood, Hemingford, 15.27
300 meter hurdles–5th Amanda Osler, 53.32; 1st Kelsy Wood, Hemingford, 47.44
4x100 meter relay–5th Perkins Co., 54.52 (Kendra Hoffert, Amanda Osler, Courtney McClenahan, Kylie Hanson); 1st Bayard, 52.00
4x400 meter relay–1st Bayard, 4:18.28
4x800 meter relay–1st Perkins Co., 10:40.16 (Mariah Curtis, Emily Kemling, Stephanie Schrotberger, Courtney Lyon)
High jump–1st Alanda Kildow, Bayard, 4’-11”
Pole vault–2nd Kendra Hoffert, 7’-10”; 1st Megan Stuart, Bayard, 9’-0”
Long jump–1st Kelsy Wood, Hemingford, 17’-03.50”    
Triple jump–3rd Courtney McClenahan, 33’-02”; 8th Lila Knoecky, 30’-2.25”; 1st Alanda Kildow, Bayard, 35’-04.50”    
Shot put–4th Shania Metcalf, 34’-20.50”; 1st Valeria Cervantes, Chase Co., 35’-09,25”
Discus throw–1st Shania Metcalf, 108’-02”
Boys Results
Qualifying in four events is Elliot Carlson-100m, 200m, long jump, 4x1 relay. Vinny Ross will compete in two state events-shot put, discus. Quinton Hite earned a state berth in the 100m and the 4x1 relay along with relay team members Tristen Kennicutt and Matthew Sestak and Carlson.
100 meter dash–1st Elliot Carlson, 10:97; 2nd Quinton Hite, 11.15
200 meter dash–1st Elliot Carlson, 23.08; 5th Quinton Hite, 23.64
400 meter dash–4th Matthew Sestak, 53.93; 6th Tristen Kennicutt, 55:14; 12th Justin Briggs, 59.96; 1st Ethan Skinner, Hemingford, 51.91
800 meter run–1st Caleb Reuter, 2:07.54
1600 meter run–1st Cody Franklin, Bridgeport, 4:45.82
3200 meter run–1st Cody Franklin, Bridgeport, 10:43.36
110 meter hurdles–6th Hunter Coats, 18.76; 1st Kevin German, Chase Co., 16.43
300 meter hurdles–4th Hunter Coats 45.59; 1st Kevin German, Chase co., 42.37
4x100 meter relay–1st Perkins Co., 44.36 (Elliot Carlson, Tristen Kennicutt, Matthew Sestak, Quinton Hite) 44.36
4x400 meter relay–6th Perkins Co., 4:01.42 (Justin Briggs, Mitchell Sestak, Christian White, Hunter Coats); 1st Chase Co., 3:34.59
4x800 meter relay–5th Perkins Co., 10:02.91 (Brendon Barry, Sam Rowley, Chris Throckmorton, Robert Engel); 1st Bridgeport, 8:43.60
High jump–6th Tristen Kennicutt, 5’-06”; 1st Taylor Lackey, Morrill, 5’-09”    
Pole vault–7th Sam Rowley, 10’-0”; 1st Tyrell Reichert, Dundy Co/Stratton, 12’-02”    
Long jump–2nd Elliot Carlson, 20’05”; 6th Zak Kurkowski, 17’-07.50”; 1st Jaime Gonzales, Bridgeport, 20’-07.25”
Triple jump–6th Sam Rowley, 37’-02.25”’ 1st Tyrell Reichert, Dundy Co/Stratton, 41’-00.25”
Shot put–1st Vinny Ross, 59’-11.25”    
Discus throw–1st Vinny Ross, 138’-03”
Girls Team Scores
1. Bayard    123
2. Chase County    90
3. Kimball    66
4. Perkins County    65
5. Bridgeport    64
6. Hemingford    58
7. Dundy County-Stratton    53
8. Morrill    8
Boys Team Scores
1. Chase County    144
2. Bridgeport    96
3. Perkins County    90
4. Dundy County-Stratton    71
5. Bayard    41
6. Hemingford    30
7. Kimball    28
8. Morrill    27