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Mother knows best!

By Samantha Goff
Tribune Columnist

We have been blessed with close to six inches of rain in the past 10 days! Quite the change in what we have been getting used to, I know! What a wonderful and refreshing feeling of cleanliness! Take a look around at the flowers, the trees, the grass. Such beautiful colors everywhere. I noticed on a recent drive down the highway that even the ditches are green and blooming with wonderful wildflowers, which some may call weeds, but they sure are pretty!
The rain is much needed and appreciated, even to those of us who are experiencing it in places (like inside our homes) that aren’t so great. But we needed it and it’s still fresh in our minds how miserable we can be without it.
I’m left scratching my head though. Are we in such a routine now that we just automatically water our lawns on our specified day without taking into consideration that mother nature has already done it for us?
I have yet to water the lawn this year. I can honestly say that my yard is just as “green” as the next guy’s. Granted, there may be more sticks and weeds. I am not as tidy in the yard as some, nor am I one bit interested in putting chemicals down to enhance the grass or kill the weeds or any of that. It’s not as “pretty” as some. But green, nonetheless.
There is no sense in watering the grass yet, Mother Nature is doing a fine job.
I encourage everyone to conserve water by not watering the grass (some of you water the sidewalk, too) until we need to. Even then, I let God and Mother Nature decide how green the grass will be this year, to a certain extent.
I am convinced that the only one who cares how green your yard is, is you. I am about curb appeal just as much as the yard obsessor, but I’m certain nobody will be as critical about my yard as I will.
I keep up on the trash that blows in, I try to keep up on the sticks, and we keep it cut. I also like my flower pots and hardy hollyhocks.
Otherwise, it’s up to Mother Nature. She does a pretty good job.
With all of the wasted resources everyday, watering the lawn, with all this rain, and before the extreme heat of summer is on us, is an unnecessary total waste.
Think about it the next time you want to drag out the hose. If you are lucky enough to have a sprinkler system, water conservation is at the push of a button for you.
Consider the weather before carelessly wasting one of our most precious resources. Let Mother Nature handle it, especially when she is cooperating so well!
Break out of your routine.  You know what they say, mother knows best. So let the rain fall, and when we are lucky enough to get some rain, let’s leave the sprinklers off.