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CRP acres in Perkins County released for haying/grazing

By Teri Moss, County Executive Director
927 Central Ave., Grant NE

Emergency Haying/Grazing Authorized
Due to Perkins County’s designation of D3 (Extreme Drought), Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) participants with land in Perkins County can request emergency haying or grazing of CRP acres. Release of CRP acres for haying and grazing does NOT apply to all counties in Nebraska so producers who have CRP land in another county need to check with that FSA office for eligibility.
Listed below are some of the provisions:
• Approval had to be requested in advance of haying or grazing the CRP acreage and could not be started before Tuesday, July 16.
• Only certain practices are eligible for haying and/or grazing.
• All producers listed on the CRP contract must sign and agree before acres can be released.
• Up to 50 percent of each field (or contiguous fields) can be hayed. The other 50 percent must be left for wildlife and cannot be hayed or grazed.
• For grazing: 1) Only 75 percent of each field can be grazed OR 2) 100 percent of each field can be grazed, but at a 75 percent stocking rate.
• A payment reduction will be assessed based on the number of acres actually hayed or grazed times the annual CRP rental rate times 25 percent.
• CRP participants must work with NRCS and develop a Haying or Grazing Plan.
• Haying must be complete by Aug. 31 and hay must be removed by Oct. 15.
• All livestock must be removed from the grazed field by Sept. 30.
• When haying and grazing activities are complete, you must report the following: 1) Acres hayed/grazed. 2) The number of bales/tons of hay removed. 3) Number of livestock owned/leased and the number of livestock that actually grazed.
• If the CRP cover is destroyed, the practice must be re-established at the producer’s own expense.
More information visit website:
Nomination Deadline for 2013 FSA County Committee Nears
The nomination period for the 2013 COC elections runs through Aug. 1.
The nomination period allows farmers and ranchers to select themselves or others as candidates for election to serve on the local county committee and help make important agricultural decisions.
Members of the committee deliver FSA farm programs at the local level and make decisions needed to administer the programs in their offices. Nominations for election for the COC must be completed on form FSA-669A (English or Spanish). The COC election will be conducted later in the fall.
The area nominations are being sought for Perkins County’s Local Administrative Area (LAA) 2, which includes the following: Township 12 of Range 37; Township 11 of Range 37, 38, and 39; Township 10 of Range 38 and 39; and Township 9 of Range 38 and 39.