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Be creative with color

By Ashleigh Noyes
Tribune columnist

Well, it has been so long it seems, that I may need to reintroduce myself to the masses! Hi and hello, I am Ashleigh and I am supposed to write this column on a weekly basis. Second, I apologize to those who follow my writing, I know I have been hearing from a lot of you. While we transitioned into owning yet another business, things just simply got crazy and I needed a little more than 24 hours in a day to keep up pace. But I am back and better than ever­—well, I am back at least! Here are a couple quick and cool ideas to cool you off in this hot summer heat!

Magic Milk

1. Fill an ice cube tray with mashed or pureed raspberries and freeze. Top with milk and freeze again. Drop a couple of those in your morning fruit smoothie and enjoy.
2. Use food coloring to dye milk 2 different colors. Freeze one colored layer, top with regular milk and freeze then add another color and freeze again. Add to vanilla milk shakes for the kids, it’s a fun little twist.
3. Freeze cranberry and grape juice in an ice cube tray. Add to your other favorite juice to make yourself a morning fruit cocktail!