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Lotto/water figures given for two previous months PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Water and lotto figures released by Grant City Council for the months of May and June are given below.
Water usage has taken a steady and significant increase during the recent months, but still reflects a decrease from last summer when the state was plunged into an extreme drought designation.
Water Usage
• May: During the month of May, water usage totaled 14,636,800 gallons.
During the previous month of April, water usage was half that much.
In May 2012, there were 28,781,000 gallons of water consumed, so this year’s figure reflects a decrease of 14,144,200 gallons in a two year comparison.
•  June: There were 26,570,600 gallons of water consumed by Grant residents last month.
This is an increase of 11,933,800 gallons over that used during May.
Last year’s consumption during June was 34,420,100, so this year’s figure during the same time frame is a 7,849,500 gallon decrease.
Lotto sales in May at DJ’s Bar and Grill in Grant totaled $5,127 with a payout of $4,468.
This left a net of $659, with $30.50 going unclaimed.
During June, lotto sales at DJ’s was $3,182 with a payout of $2372 leaving a net of $810.