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First Insight Eyecare featured as Chamber’s spotlight business for month of July PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Chamber met Thursday, July 18, with a business spotlight as  one of the agenda items.
First Insight Eyecare was represented by Dr. Tori Gengenbach, who along with her husband, Dr. Eric Gengenbach, now owns the business established by Dr. Tim Meyer in 1981, expanding to Imperial in 1985.
The Gengenbachs joined the practice in 2009, and the business was expanded to Ogallala. In 2010, the couple purchased all three offices from Dr. Meyer, while retaining him on staff.
“Optometry as a profession has changed dramatically over the years, but always focuses on the visual system,” said Gengenbach.
She said they serve their patients as primary eyecare physicians and act as gatekeepers for ocular health and the visual system, handling everything from glasses to systemic diseases that affect the eye—from diabetes and  multiple sclerosis, to macular degeneration and corneal ulcers.
Eyecare has seen dramatic improvements in technology, even in the last year, said Gengenbach.
First Insight has added three new cutting-edge instruments:
• The macular pigment optical density test is the first of its kind to screen for macular degeneration, and is the only one from Lincoln to the front range.
• The diopsys visual evoked potential test can assess infants’ ability to see as young as four months, as well as diagnose glaucoma eight years before any other piece of equipment at any age.
“Again, this is a piece of equipment that is not found for hundreds of miles, she said.
• The Daytona retinal imaging system allows them to take photos of the back of the eye without dilation, improving care and comfort of their patients and their busy lives.
First Insight Eyecare serves all ages and demographics. The American Optometric Association recommends an examination with an optometrist at six months old, age three, and before kindergarten, a service they happily and can easily provide in the area.
With nine employees, Drs. Eric and Tori plan to continue to provide the best products, technology and eyecare for all of their patients.
“We are continually striving to improve on the overall eyecare experience for every patient,” she said.
Open House
On Monday-Tuesday, July 29-30, an open house at First Insight Eyecare at 115 W. 3rd in Grant will be held to support Jim Styskal, who is in physical therapy, husband of longtime employee Bev Styskal.
Snacks and drinks will be served from 4-7:30 p.m. and the three new instruments mentioned above will be featured with screenings offered, along with Oakley frames/sunglasses.
All proceeds from the event will go to the Styskals.