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Republicans “move in for kill” PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
Four Nebraska Republicans (and counting), Senators Mike Johannes and Deb Fischer, Representative Adrian Smith, and Governor Dave Heineman have taken opportunistic turns authoring news releases in recent weeks that again slam and blast Obamacare.  
Like a pack of bloodthirsty hyenas, they waited until a  Democratic Montana Senator named Max Baucus (a writer of the ACA) showed a weakness by calling the health care law a “train wreck waiting to happen” and then they moved in for the kill.  
These Nebraskans made it clear that evisceration and disembowelment of Obamacare was their clear and only goal—make it disappear, no trace, forever.        
And like all predators, they want to destroy without leaving anything beneficial in return—like vultures feeding on carrion and leaving only excrement. And this is what these four Republicans would do, destroy the good, new, life-saving benefits in health care to satisfy their own special, self interests.  
Never have any of the quartet given credit to Obamacare for helping to overcome the terrible discrimination that private insurance waged against unlucky and unfortunate Americans.
And from where I stand, the flimsy, shallow, insincere, and  only occasional, alternatives that this foursome has put on the option table are laughable.
There must be something offered in exchange, not just foo fa ra and an exaggerated tort reform that represents a whopping 1 percent of medical costs.
Repeal without options, and a return to the repressive discrimination of the past, is unthinkable.  But then, can you recall the last time Republicans were creative, or caring when it comes to helping anyone but themselves?
Recent research has shown that Medicare for everyone (government as single payer) is still the most cost effective and efficient solution to America’s health care problems. Yeah, like the small government loving GOP is going to let that happen?
Ron Holscher,