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We just finished off another fair in Perkins County—and those of us who attended couldn’t be prouder.
No, we didn’t have enormous numbers, no we didn’t have famous entertainment, no our children and grandchildren didn’t get to ride a carousel. But guess what—NOBODY, and I mean nobody—had a complaint that I got to overhear.
What a great fair! And our fair board members are to be greatly and grandly commended for their effort. They worked extremely hard, and it showed. Hours and hours and hours were spent getting ready. They give it their all no matter how big the crowd is expected to be. Everything was clean, mowed and trimmed, and thanks to Mother Nature, green and inviting and cooler.
The 4-H animals were gorgeous. The talent displayed in the exhibit hall was impressive. Games, competitions and inflatables added to the enjoyment of young ones who love to run around in an open, safe, refreshing environment.  
Then the food—ahhh the food­. The typical mouth-watering, multi-variety of fair food was available from several vendors. There is nothing in the world quite like eating something at the fair.
Pulling off this annual event takes the entire populous of Perkins County. It doesn’t matter if it’s through being a 4-H’er, a parent of one, a fair board member, an organization member, a participant in the talent, the derby, the parade, or just an observer who  comes to eat, visit, hang out and enjoy—it takes every last one of us to make it work.
And it works—every single year I go home exhausted, but with a smile and with many more fond memories to tuck away until the next time.
Thank you, fellow residents, for joining me in being proud and grateful that we live in this great community of America.  
Jan Rahn