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Simple and scrumptious jam

By Ashleigh Noyes
Tribune columnist

Well my raspberry bushes are in full production. I am picking nearly 4-6 cups a day! I love it! So I decided that this year I was going to try out some jam. I searched and searched for a super simple recipe that even my kids could basically use and I found it. Well, I found one and I messed with it a little just for fun!
All you need is berries and sugar! Since raspberries create some of their own pectin, all that other mess isn’t really necessary for this jam anyhow, and I have gotten rave reviews from my taste testers!

My Jam

Match your cups of berries to cups of sugar.
6 cups berries + 6 cups sugar
Place in a large stock pot. Mash berries into the sugar with a potato masher then turn on the heat. Stir constantly until mixture comes to a rolling boil for one minute. You will notice a thick froth on top of your jam. This is GOOD! Remove from heat and place in your jars. Let cool completely then store in your freezer. Of course, leave one jar in your fridge to eat right away!