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Sharing God’s gifts

By Pastor Linda Battello
United Methodist Church, Madrid, Elsie

In this part of the world we are blessed to see how food is grown and many participate in this process. At the county fair we celebrate this blessing as people put their best on display. Here people bring their best and display their animals, or their skills in handling them, or their food or clothing or other projects and we are invited to see what these people have been working on for a long time.
The participants and their families all have committed time and energy so that we can enjoy these displays and the skill of those displaying them.
We should never forget that all these gifts­—the physical things and plants and animals and all the people are gifts from God. We use the resources God gives us and share them with others. It’s good to see and enjoy these things at the fair, but God’s gifts aren’t just for this purpose.
God asks us to share all the gifts we’ve been given with others. Just as families support the people displaying at the fair, God supports all the members of the families.
God doesn’t give ribbons and prizes, instead God gave us the best gift of all, Jesus Christ our Savior. God’s Son offers us the prize of eternal life that begins when we accept this gift of God. We can’t see the prize of God’s love and our salvation, but through faith in Christ we can live as members of God’s family.
When we do we share God’s love with all people and tell them of the great prize they are offered through Christ. That’s what Christ calls us to do: share God’s love with everyone we meet.
Are you following this call?