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My first car

By Dana Harris
Grant City Administrator

I hope you will join us for Cruise Night on Friday, Aug. 2 at the park. I hear we have a lot of great cars around here and I am looking forward to seeing them.
My first car was a ‘72 Chevelle with a 396. I was 14, just getting my school permit and my great uncle had recently turned 98. The family decided it was time for him to stop driving so my Dad bought the car – an honest to goodness one owner, “only to church on Sundays” car! It was nice, it was fast, and it was impossible for me to leave the school parking lot without throwing gravel at least 20 yards—something boys apparently find awesome.
It was a great car and lots of fun until we got one of western Nebraska’s famous hailstorms. One of the side windows was broken and so my Dad put in a temporary patch until he could take it to town and get it fixed. That’s when the game of chicken began—I was too cool to drive it until he fixed the window; he wasn’t going to fix the window if I didn’t drive it.
This went on for a while until I came home one day and the Chevelle was gone. My Dad had traded it for an old Dodge pickup to use on the ranch. I learned a valuable lesson then about stubbornness and playing chicken when someone else holds all the cards.
Every now and then I think about that car and wonder what happened to it. I’ve even thought about buying another one. Maybe someday. For now I’ll be content to wave as you cruise by Friday night.
We’ll gather at the park at 6:30 p.m., cruise, eat (hot dogs, chips, and drinks provided by the city), visit, and watch a movie after dark. Cars, trucks, pickups, and motorcycles are all welcome. It should be lots of fun!
…And now a note about something that is not nearly as fun. Please, I ask all of you to stick to your watering schedule. And thanks to all of you who have said you are doing your best to conserve.
Overuse of water is something all of us in this part of the country know we should avoid, and I ask you to all be more aware of it now while the water tower is empty and being painted.
We are doing our best to meet water demands and maintain proper pressure in our system, and with your help, I know we will be able to. Thank you.